How I Became Ukraine’s Information Warrior



How I Became Ukraine’s Information Warrior

By J.Hawk

As I wrote earlier, yesterday I signed up to become acyber-cyborg so as to spread totally objective and factual information on the
endless string of victories won by the beleaguered outpost of Western civilization
that is the UAF over the Russo-Mongolian Horde.

Today, new instructions had arrived:

Headquarters of Ukrainian Information Troops

The second task

Congratulations to you, J.Hawk!

Subscribe to our pages on social networks Facebook, Twitter and facebook.
Through them, you will get more information about our struggle.

Also invite your trusted friends to subsbcribe.

To do this you need by visiting our page in Facebook, click ‘Invite your friends
… “

For an invitation to Yves facebook page, you need to click on this link, then
ask by clicking the appropriate button.

Do not forget to tell your friends about this page news in the film!

You’ll receive additional tasks shortly.

Until next time!

Ukrainian Information Troops HQ

 Then, the next message:

 Congratulations to you, J.Hawk!This is the Ukrainian Information Troops HQ The
information that was distributed by individual users of social networks,
that the service GetResponse, which is used for informational Forces of
Ukraine, is Russian – is not true. This can be verified by visiting the official site at

It specifies that the company was founded in 1999 by Simon Grabowski Pole. Today, GetResponse has many offices around the world, including in
Russia, as well as other leading global campaign, for example, Google
and Facebook.

Given that undermining the trust in Ukrainian information projects is of interest
Russian special services, both the users of social networks and journalists need to exercise care.  

We respect the privacy of our activists, which is why the registration please only email and name.

Glory to Ukraine!

-Sincerely,Ukrainian Information Troops HQ

And then the third message:

J.Hawk, keep your account safe!Ukraine Information Troops HQ
Commenting on the news of the enemy you have to understand that you may be blocked or banned at any time because you are spreading the truth. That’s what Kremlin’s information agents do.Agents of the Kremlin never use their real pages. For this purpose, they create other accounts. Here are the instructions on how to create bots in the Russian Army.
1.  Register new mailbox
2. Then register a new page in social networks such as Vkontakte, Facebook, and Twitter Odnoklasniki using the new e-mail.
   3.  Bots assume common Russian names. For example: “Alexander Ivanov”, “Sergei Shevchenko”, “Grigoriev Alla” and so on.
   4. The user profile form is filled out completely.
   5. The City of Residence is often Ukrainian, mostly from the Donbass Region.
   6: Avatar – a photograph of a real person. Typically, these photos reflect a graphics editor.
   7. The account’s photo album is filled with photographs of the “native” city, nature and more. These pictures can be found in social networks or Google image search.
   8. The bot starts out by reposting popular pages on general, non-political topics. The user also makes actual personal posts on topic such as cutlets, neighbors, and other similar topics. The idea is to create the impression this is a “live” account.
  10. Bots added friends, but no more than 10 a day and no more than 1 in 10 seconds (otherwise they might be blocked by social networks). The more friends the bot has, more confidence he is likely to gain.
 11.  Bots are also subscribe to public pages or groups from their “native” city.
 12.  Typically, bots do not “friend” true page or pages of their relatives. In order to ensure the Russian fake accounts do not block or ban you, we recommend that you hide your name and personal data..Wait soon for the next task.Till next contact!-Sincerely,Staff Information Forces of Ukraine

 I suppose I should be surprised at the sheer crudeness of this operation but, then again, when and where has the junta ever displayed finesse? Or even a modicum of skill?

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