“If government says everything is under control, expect something to blow”–Ukrainian media see the light



Ukrainian Media Acknowledge that Official Lies Concerning Ukrainian Victories on the Donbass Is Off The Scale

By Fedor Stukin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian media are noticing that the flood of official
Ukrainian lies concerning the supposed victories on the Donbass is beating all

This view was expressed by the Ukrainian Week weekly

“We don’t have censorship or dungeons, but nevertheless one
can drown in the flood of lies coming out of our media. It’s not even the
question of media bias, news being written to order, or other violations of
professional ethics. Official press releases and speeches by the country’s
leaders are dripping with lies which the media are obligated to repeat. It’s
another matter than one has to read between the lines. Whenever some office
general reports that the army began a de-blocking operation, you can expect
battalion commanders to announce they are fully surrounded and they need help,
but you’ll hear that only on tactical radios. In general, whenever the
government says that things are under control, expect something to blow, either
on the front or in the rear areas.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: 

Strictly speaking, considering the recent
Ukrainian legislation, this kind of comment could land the author in prison for
several years. This is clearly “giving aid and comfort to terrorists,” if not
outright “treason,” and Ukraine most certainly has “dungeons” once again. However, given how things are going at the front, how long can this
continue, and what will happen once Falsehood can no longer be maintained?

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