“If Poroshenko signs off on peace he will be immediately destroyed”


February 12, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Marina Kuzina, Kharkov News Agency:

If the President of Ukraine will sign an agreement about peace and withdrawal of troops today, he should not return to Kiev – he will be immediately destroyed. This opinion was expressed by the human rights activist, a leader of the civic organization “Mothers of Ukraine”, Galina Zaporozhtseva.

“I personally hope for a peace agreement and very much would like one. But I have a justified suspicion that even if a peace plan is signed, Kiev will violate it once again. Representatives of the “hawks” are not interested in the end of hostilities, because too much easy money is earned on war,” – said Zaporozhtseva.

She also stressed that the Unites States will not allow Poroshenko to make peace. Only Europe and Russia are interested in peace.

Recall that U.S. Congress registered a bill, which provides military assistance to Ukraine at $1 billion. In particular, the head of the Committee on Armed Services of the U.S. Senate, John McCain insists on arms shipments.

“If Poroshenko will sign an agreement on ceasefire and withdrawal of troops, he should not return to Kiev. He will be immediately destroyed, and replaced with Yatsenyuk, who will begin a new, more bloody stage of the war,” – said human rights activist.

In her opinion, Poroshenko understands it perfectly, so today he will wiggle, and negotiations will not lead to anything. Zaporozhtseva reminded that Dmitry Yarosh had already announced about a formation of his own military staff, which means that he may at any time take control of military operations in the East of the country. And the “Right Sector” is not subordinate to Poroshenko, therefore hopes for peace are very slim, she concluded.

As previously reported, today in Minsk there will be a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. As it became known from open sources, a withdrawal of heavy weapons, the creation of a demilitarized zone and establishment of constant dialogue between Kiev and Donbass will be discussed.

On the eve Petro Poroshenko said that he will go to Minsk, to “immediately, without any conditions” stop the fire and start a political dialogue.


Later Galina Zaporozhtseva commented on her Facebook page (which is under a different name probably for security reasons): 

When I gave this interview, I didn’t know about a new document.

A Decree by the Verkhovna Rada about the refusal of the President of Ukraine of execution of the constitutional powers

Given that the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko refused to authorize a martial law, not fulfilling his constitutional powers, which threatens the control of the state, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, mass violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens, on the basis of circumstances of extreme urgency, expressing the sovereign will of the Ukrainian people, the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine declares:

1. To establish that the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko intentionally waives the exercise of constitutional powers and is not performing his duties.

2. According to paragraph 7 of part one of article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine to call for a special elections of the President of Ukraine on May 10, 2015.

3. This decision shall enter into force upon its adoption.

V. Groisman

Kristina Rus: This info was also posted on Novorus.info:

I was not able to find any other confirmations, so I would wait until more info on this. Whether this is a fake or not, it is clear that some Rada deputies would enthusiastically support such document.

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