In the XXI century the West only “dates on Saturdays”


February 5, 2015
Dmitry Olshansky – Rusvesna
Translated by Kristina Rus

The key to the inevitable failure of maidanite power – is not the offensive of the militia, and not even the offensive of the “holiday soldiers” [as the Russian volunteer soldiers are called], if this happens, but something completely different.

Maidanites will lose, because their relations with the West are arranged so that they should lose.

The fact is that the modern “democratic revolutions” seem to be similar to 1989, the separation from the Russians of the Baltic States in 1991, the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s.

Somewhere in the “velvet” option, somewhere in the “Romanian”, and somewhere a la Franjo Tudjman, in the “mode of ATO”.

But with one important amendment.

The West no longer gives money.

At all.

“No money” as say the Moscow liberal ministers.

Moreover, almost always it does not even give any soldiers. And if it gives soldiers, then it takes them back.

This is the fatal gap between the countries of the former Warsaw bloc, the Baltic States, Yugoslavia, etc., and those which follow them now.

In the twentieth century the West, as they say, “married everyone whom it slept with”. Supported financially, guaranteed security, “brought in compliance with the standards”.

And now, in the XXI century, it only “dates on Saturdays”.

This is why Saakashvili failed in Georgia.

This is why in Iraq, Libya and Syria won chaos and hell.

This is why in Egypt the generals turned the revolution back.

And exactly why Ukraine will not become Croatia, which it imitates so much in its brutal cruelty.

There is no money, and will not be any more.

“We have to feed our own” …

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