Italian eyewitness calls out Yats propaganda lies


Pervomaisk Day Care Center after Ukrainian shelling

Vauro Senesi

February 8, 2015

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter

“The Soviet Union invaded Ukraine and Germany in the Second World War. We must must not let it happen again.” Those are the words pronounced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the occasion of his visit to Berlin last January 9. That ought to suffice as the measure of his credibility, even without considering the known ultra nationalist and NATO-dependent positions of his party, the National Front. 

In yesterday’s Il Fatto it was just reported, without any plain hint of doubt over the truth of the content, a denunciation by this Prime Minister that accuses the separatists of spreading booby-trapped toys to maim children. One simple consideration: beyond the rights and wrongs it is a fact that the population of these territories is more than 90% Russophone.

The question that arises all by itself is, with what absurd motive would the separatists want to strike their own children, particularly in areas they themselves control? Lorenzo Galeazzi and I are just back from Donbass. We didn’t see any, and not one of the many people we met and talked with made any mention of ordnance toys. What we did see instead, among all the destruction, was the day care center of Pervomaisk bombarded by Ukrainian artillery and reduced into rubble (see photo). 

If it is true that the war is being fought with blows of propaganda, it would be well for the operators of the free press to pay a bit more attention so they don’t run the risk of being an unwitting vehicle for it.

                                                                                                                            Vauro Senesi

Tom Winter: 

The author is less than pleased with the newspaper that he usually publishes in. See also earlier reports by Vauro Senesi that were originally published in Il Fatto Quotidiano, translated here on Fort Russ.

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