Kharkov: A nightmare of a Ukrainian “patriot”


February 25, 2015
Da Dzi
Translated by Kristina Rus

Good comment by a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian patriot on a Kharkov forum. His outrage over the situation in Kharkov is delightful: 

“I don’t want to upset you, but there are many more Colorados [pro-Russians] in Kharkov than you can imagine. People have vata [cotton, meaning – pro-Russian thoughts] in their heads instead of brains.

Yesterday I spent half a day in one of Kharkov barber shops, was doing a side job. A typical place where people usually talk and speak on various topics, the most popular of which – is political. While the four hairdressers were chatting with customers while working, I quietly laid flooring in the corner and listened to these conversations.

One client was a UAF soldier in uniform who arrived home on a short leave. The people openly expressed their contempt towards him, and he was explaining himself that he didn’t volunteer, but was called up… it seemed to me if he had stayed longer people would start throwing stones at him.

One guy came, humbly said hello in Ukrainian, in the process of grooming sat in silence, then said thank you in Ukrainian, said goodbye and left. Apparently, a visitor from the Western region. After his departure a tub of dirt was poured after him with such proletarian hatred, as if it was Bandera himself.

All other dozen customers were true vatniki [pro-Russians]. All conversations were filled with hatred for the Ukrainian authorities and the praise of the Russian ones. Honestly, I didn’t expect that. It seemed to me that I’m not in Kharkov, but somewhere in the center of some DPR… Where people speak utter nonsense and do not accept any arguments against it. It’s f$cked up.”

Euro-maidanite suddenly realized that there is no ukro-patriotic majority in Kharkov. That all of these painted in blue and yellow garbage bins and rails – are no more than DECORATIONS. That the residents of Kharkov are genuinely looking forward for another Russian Spring. That the Kharkov residents put their hopes and dreams not in the criminal Kiev government and “svidomy” patriots [nationally-conscious], but Russia and DPR. 

Ukrainian svidomy patriot realized that not everything is as blue and yellow, as it seemed to him earlier. 

Can you imagine the horror of Kharkov “svidomy” when they will suddenly realize that “pravoseki” [the Right Sector] all fled as usual, and the National Guard has heroically and orderly retreated from Kharkov … And all around them live very, very angry “vatniki” [Russians], who remember all the humiliation, all the deaths and all the threats for the last year. Remember the kidnappings. Remember the tortures of the SBU. Remember how the “svidomy” patriots along with “pravoseki” beat people up. 

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