Khodorkovsky – for president of Ukraine?


Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Kiev in March, 2014

February 16, 2015
Moskony – Live Journal
Translated by Kristina Rus

Previously Novaya Gazeta reported that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is ready to take on responsibility, whenever needed, “to reform the constitution, mainly – redistribution of presidential power in favor of the court, the parliament and civil society”.

As you know, Mikhail Borisovich specializes in crisis management, which, in a very difficult economic and political situation in Ukraine, allows analysts to make the obvious conclusion that he is the most needed and predictable candidate for the highest office in this European country.

The level of the crisis in Russia, is simply not comparable with what is happening in today’s Ukraine, therefore, a specialist in crisis management of such high caliber may not waste his full potential so inefficiently, focusing only on Russia, and simply must help the Ukrainian people – said unnamed, but very influential source close to the structures were such important political decisions are made.

So far the media failed to get comments of Mikhail Khodorkovsky about this subject. It is expected that an official statement will be published in the final document of the anti-crisis march, to be held on  March 1.

Kristina Rus:

Considering, Ukrainian government has been on a mission to assemble the most prominent russophobes from the ex-Soviet republics (mainly Georgia) and even Russian opposition activists in it’s ranks, if one wanted to create the “anti-Russia” in place of Ukraine (as Nikolay Starikov suggests), such move would be brilliant on the part of the puppet masters. If Ukrainian media could convince it’s citizens of the utility of killing fellow Ukrainian citizens in Donbass, of electing an oligarch in place of another oligarch – selling Khodorkovsky would not be so difficult, especially since he is the ultimate anti-Putin.

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