Kiev-1 Volunteer Battalion Commander Believed Killed in Ambush



Source: Kiev-1 battalion commander Deydey may have been inthe fired-upon vehicle found at Kurakhovo

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“A vehicle with gunfire damage was found near Kurakhovo, in
the Donetsk region. We believe Deydey was in the vehicle, together with two
fighters. He has not been heard from for several hours,” the source said.

Deydey’s whereabouts are still being sought.

J.Hawk’s Note: Blogger yurasumy notes Deydey was known as a
Lyashko ally who conducted the raids on Mariupol in May of last year and, most
recently, looted humanitarian aid destined for the Donbass (which yurasumy
believes was the proximate cause of his death). He also participated in the
dispersal of the Maidan. This makes him a fairly prominent figure within the “volunteer
battalion” community. It should be noted that Kiev-1 was against Semenchenko’s
effort to create a “coordinating HQ” of the volunteer battalions, and sided
with Avakov’s MVD instead, so he was not a rogue actor either. This might be a
simple criminal act, a power struggle within the neo-Nazi community, or a
Novorossia ambush.

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