Kiev displays “proof’ of Russian military involvement



Kiev displays “proof’ of Russian military involvement

By J.Hawk

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Yes, that burned out civilian car somehow, in somebody’s mind, represents an indisputable proof that the Russian Army is fighting in Eastern Ukraine. Where is the CNN? Fox News? NPR? 

There are more photos from the exhibition on the galex blog. Suffice it to say that while they were actual military vehicles shown, all of them are standard issue in the UAF, including the T-64 tank, the BTR-80 APC, BMD-2 airborne IFV, not to mention the BM-21 Grad 122mm 40-tube rocket launcher.

As preposterous as this might seem, there is a method to the madness. The real target of this exhibition are the people of Ukraine. They are told, in no uncertain terms, this is our official position on what has been happening in Ukraine. If you try to contradict us, you are, at best, misinformed, and at worst an agent of an enemy aggressor state–Russia. With all the consequences that implies. Ukraine is going to experience state terror of as of yet unknown intensity. This exhibition is part of the ideological foundation for that terror, the construction of reality from which the Kiev junta will tolerate no dissension.

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