Kievans Urged to Find Bomb Shelters


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Kiev publishes an interactive bomb shelter map

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Kiev published an interactive bomb shelter map. The city’s
inhabitants were asked to closely study it so as to prepare for an emergency
situation. These include technological disasters, natural disasters, and acts
of war. Instructions to that effect were issued by the State Emergency Response

The map with shelter addresses is freely available in the
internet. In the event of artillery or aerial bombardment, Kievans will be able
to take shelter in the metro, underground parking garages, cellars, etc.

“Rescue Service 101 is emphasizing that each citizen ought
to take preventive measures concerning their own security by learning where the
closest bomb shelter is located, in the event of an emergency,” the Ukrainian
media cites the State Emergency Response Service.

Translator’s Note: There are at least three possible explanations. This is a routine precaution (which seems rather unlikely), an indication of concern that Kiev might see fighting among junta factions, or fear that Novorossia armed forces might reach Kiev in a none-too-distant future. One way or the other, there are many developments that we are not aware about, and that such warnings are even issued suggests a concern that something “big” could be just around the corner. No similar warnings were issued last year, even at the height of the Maidan or following the Ilovaysk encirclement. 

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