“Kolomoysky will greet us with Putin’s portrait in his hands”–Tsarev



Oleg Tsarev: When Novorossia’s army reaches Dnepropetrovsk,it will be met by Kolomoysky holding a portrait of Putin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Igor Kolomoysky and his cronies will change their colors if
need be, and will declare their support for Novorossia. This opinion was
expressed by Novorossia parliament speaker Oleg Tsarev on his Facebook page.

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“I have been watching Kolomoysky for a long time. I watch
his metamorphoses following a change in government. I am certain that when we
reach the borders of Dnepropetrovsk region, he will meet us there with Putin’s
portrait in his hands. And he will tell us that, as promised, he is adding four
more regions to Novorossia,” writes Tsarev.

“It may well be that I will seem insufficiently pro-Russian
next to Kolomoysky,” Tsarev joked.

“Gennadiy Korban was smarter, he kept silent all this time,
but what will Boris Filatov do? Though I already know the answer: he will stand
next to Kolomoysky and hold the Russian flag in his hands. But he will do it
with an expression of displeasure on his face,” underscored Tsarev. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: As written before, to the extent that the Maidan was intended to trigger a “domino effect” of some sort (today Kiev, tomorrow Moscow), it would seem that the dominoes are now likely to fall the other way. Tsarev is probably entirely correct in his estimate of Kolomoysky’s preferences. After all, remaining part of Ukraine also means retaining the legal liability for the colossal foreign debts incurred in just one year of unprecedented misrule. Plus, let’s not forget that once Ukraine reaches some sort of a peace settlement, it will not be out of the woods yet. It will then have to face the International Monetary Fund and its loan conditions that have already driven the Greeks to rebel against the European Union itself. The bitter harvest of peace will be the West-imposed austerity measures for which it will be exceedingly difficult to keep blaming Russia and Putin. Novorossia is starting to look like a better bet with every passing day.

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