LifeNews video: Graveyard on the Debaltsevo-Artemovsk highway


– We are asking the fighters from the 1st brigade of DPR army, who took this settlement under control along with the 3rd brigade, what combat mission is put before them by the General staff?

– The mission is simple – to close the remaining section of the front, so that the Ukrainian troops do not get out of Debaltsevo. That’s it. 

As we were told at the general staff several small UAF columns continue to make attempts to break out from the encirclement from Debaltsevo towards Artemovsk, using the weather conditions.  

This is the Debaltsevo-Artemovsk highway. On the left is a village Logvinovo, which is now called – the lid of the Debaltsevo cauldron. Debaltsevo is ahead of me. Behind my back – Artemovsk. We hear more explosions of the Ukrainian artillery from that direction. As we were told by the militia, who are warding off  UAF attacks for many days, ceasefire is not followed by the Ukrainian army. And the soundtrack to this report confirms it. 

As far as the scene, which we found here, it wasn’t a battle, but slaughter, in a sense where has the Ukrainian command sent their soldiers. There are more then 20 bodies here on the road, which we identified as bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. This is not for everyone to see. The scene is horrendous. Some bodies were taken away by the militia. It was not possible to even put the bodies in one place, due to artillery fire. But the intensity of the attacks has gone down. 

As far as what the militia expect from this ceasefire, from the Ukrainian troops inside the cauldron, the forecast is not good, they expect a break through literally any minute. 

– They were firing with mortars at us until the morning. The sides go up to the hill, do you see those vehicles up on that hill, these are probably Ukrainian tanks.

We can hear Ukrainian artillery regularly working from the outer perimeter of Debaltsevo cauldron. We can hear explosions. Militamen say this is artillery prep for a break out from Debaltsevo. Not only gun but also reactive artillery was used to attack Logvinovo 

Here, it is completely obvious, is a Tochka U.

The number of destroyed Ukrainian vehicles is in the dozens. As you can see, there are cargo vehicles as well as armored vehicles. Just here in the zone of visibility, there are two BMPs of the Ukrainian army, on the left there is a tank in the field, even further, closer towards Artemovsk, there are more destroyed vehicles destroyed by artillery, not point blank.

This is how every house in Logvinovo looks like. This is not an exception, this a sad rule. The only house that has barely a roof left. 

We could personally see for ourselves that the village Logvinovo has been erased from the face of the earth. No further commentary is needed. 

– We are based here, fight back the attacks. Live in bunkers, built hastily, because there are no more houses left, all burnt. Cluster bombs, grads, mortars, hurricanes, they throw everything at us. You can see what’s left of the village. This used to be a normal village.

Despite the fact that the enemy has not stopped fire from heavy artillery, militia has orders not to open fire from the same weapons. To ward off attacks, including tank attacks, they have to use guns and light weaponry.

As staff commanders and militia here told us, in the event if the Ukrainian army will attempt to break out, no one will let them out of the cauldron without a fight. 

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