Lvov Professor Faces Persecution for Supporting Novorossia



They are killing me

By Olga Zagulskaya

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The two weeks of persecution have had their effect. Now I am
suffering from hypertension. Yet another act of psychological torture had its
intended effect. When I was going to work, I was warned that the students are
preparing a boycott. Young people easily agreed to attack a person who always
acted on the principle “I’ll give children my heart.” They were set upon me by
the “intelligentsia” of Miroslav Popovich, Yuriy Vinnichuk ,and Otar Dovzhenko.
At least three SBU men were circling around me, which means it’s not a purely
student event.

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Journalists targeted me even earlier. In response to my
sincere expression of beliefs and their sources, they titled their articles “Lvov
National University professor openly supports terrorists,” in other words,
without any pangs of conscience they accused me of violating the Criminal Code.

I asked them not to publish their materials in those issues
which contain the TV guide, since my 77-year-old mother reads them, and she’s
ill. Why cause her the stress? But that’s exactly what they did, they even
published a photo of me. When my mother went to church on Sunday, they showed
them those newspapers. Even during the Stalin era there was a saying that
children are not responsible for their parents. But the perpetrators of the
so-called “dignity revolution” don’t know how to act in a humane manner.

Journalists from the TV channel 24 were invited to the
event, so as to make my suffering even more public. The dean called me to ask
why I wasn’t in class. My absence was noted and witnessed probably for the
first time in the modern history of the department. I, someone who has not
taken even sick leave the whole time I was at the university, am about to be
fired for absenteeism. So as to avoid any legal proceedings. Only three years
before retirement.

At one point I felt so dizzy that I could no longer stand. I
sat for a little while and went to the doctor. He performed all the necessary
procedures, and now I am in treatment, possibly for a long time. All because I am
not indifferent to what is happening in my Motherland and to the fates of
people, because I have my own understanding of events, my own position, and which I express  in public. But, as Taras Shevchenko once said: I incur punishment, I suffer,
but I do not repent!

J.Hawk’s Comment: Olga Zagulskaya’s “crime” was to criticize
the Kiev authorities on her blog for the war on the people of Donbass, including
naming them as the responsible party for the rocket bombardment of Mariupol. I
doubt we’ll see a “Je suis Zagulskaya” movement in Europe any time soon.  Freedom of speech is not meant for people like

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