Mikhail Delyagin, former Nemtsov’s adviser: “Nemtsov is a Malaysian Boeing shot down at the walls of the Kremlin”


February 28, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Hello, dear friends,

It is 3 am in the morning, so I may not be very coherent.

Three hours and 17 minutes ago a good person and a very bad, not a smart politician, Boris Nemtsov, was murdered.

I used to be his adviser for a year and a half [when Nemtsov was Vice Prime Minister of Russia in the Yeltsyn government, which lead to a default and a severe crisis in the 1990’s after liberal reforms – KR], and a day before the default I was fired, not by his fault, and he even tried to stand up for me. 

What happened today is a classic sacrifice. Nemtsov didn’t understand what he was used for and where he was lead. At least, in my opinion, he didn’t understand what was happening to him.

Classic sacrificial lamb.

The guy appeared on Echo Moscow, as it was briefly reported, went for a walk with his female friend from Kiev, who had just arrived,  and hardly he walked every day, although if you go to his house from Echo Moscow, it is a straight route through the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, where he was killed. But hardly he walked there every day, so either he was followed so closely that his decision taken on a whim was immediately used by his killers, or he was led there during the conversation, I don’t want to cast any suspicions.

But the fact remains:  a famous Russian opposition activist is killed practically under the walls of the Kremlin. In the nearest time we will see caricatures of Putin sitting in the gazebo of Ivan the Terrible on the wall of the Kremlin personally coordinating oprichnkiki who are killing Nemtsov.

The talk that his [Putin’s] helipad from which he flies to the Kremlin is 50-100 meters from the spot of the murder already began. Already it was showed by the channel of Open Russia. Look at their professionalism!  On the night from Friday to Saturday, when people relax, in 42 minutes after the murder they already started an online broadcast. Be envious, they learned to work like that. 

The fact is obvious: this is a Malaysian Boeing, shot down by the Nazis at the walls of the Kremlin.

Just before Maidan of March 1st, a correspondence of the leaders of the Russian liberals has surfaced with requests for 200 Nazi militants to be sent to Moscow to heat up the situation. May be they will send some snipers so they can shoot on the Maidan on March 1st. God willing this will not happen. But they already hit Nemtsov.

 It is clear that the entire liberal crowd will blame Putin personally. It is clear that every last “Psaka” will say that this is Putin. Under this they can introduce more sanctions, but the main thing is to organize Maidan, which can be organized on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, at the place of the murder, bring candles, make a circus. Many will come genuinely, because Nemtsov was loved, like I said, as a person he was a good person, but what he did was different. 

No one will remember about the children, who are murdered in Ukraine, no one will remember about 50 thousand Ukrainians who died at and near the front, in addition to 10 thousand who died in the rest of Ukraine. 

How many died from hunger, horror and madness, no one cares.

No one will shed a tear about the millions of victims of  liberal reforms, including of mister Nemtsov.

This doesn’t matter. This event has happened, and it has to be used. 

The idea of a sacrificial lamb was introduced by Boris Berezovsky, when he tried to change the presidential elections in 2004. Everyone knows about this. 

This is a classic sacrificial lamb, textbook case. Good job Americans, good job Nazis, good job liberals. I don’t know who of them did this. But it was done beautifully. 

This is a head of Gongadze which has been brought before Putin on a big silver platter.

And now either he will understand that the West has given him a death sentence, not just like Milosevic and Qaddafi, but just like Nemtsov. If Putin will not understand this and will not finally start acting like the president of Russia, and will not stop trying to be a manager of the liberal clan and a representative of global business in Russia, if he will not change his mind, if he is gone, it’s his personal problem, I don’t care, but Russia will be gone with him.

We have to be prepared that Ukraine will be brought to Russia a lot faster then I thought just recently.

Before I thought that we are safe from Maidan until November, now it is clear that Maidan may be lit up already in the spring. The sacrificial lamb has been slaughtered, now whats left is to work it in the internet and social media. And that many TV personalities, like Sobchak, arrived on location almost immediately – may be it is a coincidence, may it is technology. 

Good luck. We will win anyway. We will break these freaks. Russia will not be liberal for the same reasons that it will not be Nazi, because it is Russia. But the path may be more difficult then it seemed just three and a half hours ago. 

Good luck, we will win, with Putin or without him, or despite him, Russia will be Russia, and not a natural resource addition to the West. We will do this. But it will be difficult and bad. Good luck. 

  • Mikhail Gennadyevich Delyagin, born 1968, is a modern Russian author, politician and economist. Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Delyagin took part in the experts team by the Supreme soviet council from 1990 to 1991 and obtained an academic degree in economics in 1998. Director of the Problems issued by Globalization institute and former chairman of the ideological council of the Rodina political party.

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