NAF: Thank you to Canadians and Ukrainians for supplies! (Video)


February 19, 2015

Novorossia TV

Translated by Kristina Rus

00:00 – 13:00

NAF commander Terek is in charge of a drone recon unit of the First Slavyansk battalion. His unit of 25 people works with drones doing intelligence gathering near Debaltsevo. 

Military correspondents of Novorossia TV delivered humanitarian aid to the unit from humanitarian battalion “Novorossia.” Some deliveries are addressed to specific units and fighters.

– Is this a good bulletproof vest?

– It’s average, so so, but better then nothing.

– I am wearing a police one.

– If you crawl on the ground, the pockets start to tear. The detachable pockets are better.

The correspondents asked commander Terek, what they need. 

– Thermal boots, or at least warm leather boots

– Everything is mined, there are not enough sappers, so we use drones to save the lives of our fighters who go on recon missions. 

– We need thermal underwear, thermal socks, thin warm hats under helmets, tactical gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.

This is regarding the personal equipment, but as far as military equipment we have plenty of trophies left by Ukrainian troops. New drones. You know they had truckloads left in Nikishino. When they run, they leave everything behind. Were do you think our drones come from?

We do need radios with closed channels. They cost 25 000 roubles, unfortunately. At least a few would be nice. We had to shut them off in Nikishino. Because their artillery works on signal very well, they strike on the signal of our drones. 

We need serious things, because they get serious things from America and Europe.

– Night vision goggles – at least couple, not to stumble on their positions.

– We have nothing to charge the radios, phones with, no heat, we need generators, better diesel – because there are problems with gasoline.

– We got dry meals, thermal underwear, hygiene products for women. Thank you to the Russian brothers for helping us! The war showed who is our friend and who is our enemy.

A large amount of ammo and equipment was left by the Ukrainian troops. 

– We got lists of who was in Redkodub, even with phone numbers.

Tank ammo, Vasilek ammo, 82 mm grenades, 120 mm grenades, RPG, 762, TURs.

We are almost on a frontline.

This is ammo left by the Ukrainian troops in Redkodub. 

This is only a tenth part, a lot has been taken out already.

Mines, bullets, we are not supposed to have anything else. 

Several Ural truckloads were taken out just by our brigade. 

American, NATO helmets, goggles, about 40 bulletproof vests, good quality, neck protection, 4th generation.

– So you got your own humanitarian aid from Ukrainian volunteers? 

– Canadian helmet with excellent quality. Comfortable. Thank you to Canadians and Ukrops for delieveries of supplies!

– Ukrainian army left us some excellent weapons, 120 mortar in great condition. 

TUR – anti-tank rocket system

– Why does a mortar unit need TUR?

– We want to be prepared for any breakthrough. We have our own TUR, RPG, muhi, now we are not just a mortar, but a mobil assault brigade!!! 

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