NAF “torturing” Ukrainian POW’s: “Who doesn’t hop is a Russian warrior”


February 8, 2015
Kristina Rus

Today the Debaltsevo mousetrap has shut completely (earlier the only way out was under the reach of NAF artillery). After capturing another checkpoint, NAF fighters told the Ukrainian POW’s to hop for the camera. Ukrainian nationalists have amused Youtube viewers with their hopping before, while hopping and shouting “Who doesn’t hop, is a Moscovite”. In this case Novorossia militia could not resist the urge to mock the “Ukrainian” tradition, telling the POW’s to shout: “Who doesn’t hop is a Russian warrior, who hops, is a (…..)”

Will the OSCE complain about torture?

Video: “Who doesn’t hop is a Moscovite”:

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Kids from a Kiev school in the last video with Ukrainian and Right Sector flags also shout: “Moskaliaku na giliaku”, meaning “Hang the moskovite on a tree branch”

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