“No Ukrainian break-out attempts on February 18, last night’s attempt crushed”–Basurin



Eduard Basurin: Immediate Announcement by DPR HQ

By Da_Dzi

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Today the Ukrainian media, apparently nationally conscious
patriots one and all, as well as the C-in-C Poroshenko, were trying to outdo
one another in convincing the Ukrainian people there is no problem in
Debaltsevo. They published some fake photographs purporting to show the “planned
withdrawal of columns of Ukrainian equipment.” Even Ukrainian patriots saw
through this blatant lie.

Poroshenko had said:”I can announce that today the UAF and
the National Guard conducted a planned and organized withdrawal of part of its
formations from Debaltsevo. We can say that 80% of units have exited the
salient. We are expecting two more columns. The exiting forces include troops
of the 128th Brigade, parts of the 30th Brigade, the
remnants of the 25th and 40th battalions, the Special
Operations troops, National Guard. We have said and proved that Debaltsevo was
under our control, there was no encirclement, our forces left according to plan
in an orderly manner.”

As soon as that had grown into a UAF “victory”, the DPR HQ
in the person of Eduard Basurin clarified that in fact the situation in
Debaltsevo should be described as “treason”:

“The DPR HQ announces that there were no breakout attempts
to Ukrainian forces out of the Debaltsevo cauldron on February 18. The
surrounded Ukrainian forces are totally demoralized and  disorganized. They are shooting chaotically
from Olkhovatka and Chernukhino at housing areas in Debaltsevo. The last
breakout attempt was made at night, using a column of 30 trucks and armored
vehicles toward Logvinovo. The column was stopped and its equipment destroyed.
Personnel in the column was scattered. In the morning 153 hypothermia-suffering Ukrainian
service members, including 12 officers, surrendered. There were no breakout
attempts, let alone an organized withdrawal from the encirclement during the
day. The last Ukrainian service members who managed to break out did so during
the night of 9th February. It was not a breakout, but the
abandonment of positions and flight toward Popasnaya. It is impossible to break
out of the Debaltsevo cauldron. All Ukrainian troops who lay down their arms
are guaranteed their lives will be spared and they will be treated with
respect. Afterward they will be transferred to the relatives.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: 

What is remarkable is that Basurin’s
description of events closely reflects what was written by Semenchenko and
several UAF/National Guard soldiers and officers than what Poroshenko claimed
happened. Every published Ukrainian account of a break-out indicates anyone who
made it out of the cauldron did so on foot, in a small group. Every account of
a breakout suggests heavy losses along the way, especially in equipment. That Semenchenko
is hammering Poroshenko (and the UAF) on this score suggests the “volunteers”
are determined to exploit this issue to their advantage.

I have to say I am at a loss as to why Poroshenko would not
reveal the truth as to what had happened. It’s as if Churchill tried to claim
nothing really bad happened at Dunkirk, it was just a planned withdrawal with full
equipment, nothing to see here—nothing good would have come out of that for Churchill. Could
it be that his Minister of Defense Poltorak (who claimed on his twitter feed
Debaltsevo is a great victory for the glorious Ukrainian armed forces—and yes,
he used those exact words) is keeping his boss in the dark (possibly because Poroshenko takes bad news…badly), and Poroshenko has
no other sources of information? That would actually be a really bad thing—this might be why the situation just can’t seem to de-escalate, even as the junta blunders from one disaster to another. 

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