Panic in Debaltsevo; National Guard flees; Poroshenko accused of treason



Rada Deputy Taras Pastukh: The National Guard ran fromDebaltsevo in panic, abandoning the VSU to their fate.

Translated from
Russian by J.Hawk

This statement was just issued by the Rada Deputy
(Samopomoga faction) Taras Pastukh, who is a participant in the fighting.

“Greetings from the still-Ukrainian Debaltsevo. We just
repelled an attack on our base camp. Earlier it could barely be reached by
artillery, but today enemy infantry had arrived. The National Guard had left
the city, thus leaving us open to attack. All blocking positions report
constant shelling and tank attacks. We never received any reinforcement. It
went to the CTO zone, but never went where it was needed.”

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“We are being abandoned here, while at the same time others
are simply running away,” he added.

He also asked the country’s leaders for support.

“I ask for your help. Tell everyone you can about the
critical situation here. Maybe someone got the idea I was excessively panicked,
because the President had said that he had everything under control.
Unfortunately, I was only wrong about the time, because I could not believe
they would come at us with such force, while we continued to hope to abide
by the Minsk Agreement and discuss whether a martial law is needed,” noted the

In his words, “this is genuine betrayal of the country by
the entire military command, including our so-called ‘president’.”

Translator’s Note: As a quick reminder, Samopomoga is the
party led by Lvov mayor Sadovyy and which includes Donbass battalion commander “Semenchenko”
[Grishin] as one of its top members who, incidentally, is officially reported as having suffered a wound in the failed attack to retake Uglekorsk and is now licking his wound somewhere far away from the fighting–which gives him plenty of time for comparing notes with Yarosh. Is Pastukh engaging in empty rhetoric,
trying to put pressure on Poroshenko, endorsing an overthrow of the “treasonous”
president, or eyeing the possibility of Western Ukraine separating itself from the
incorrigibly corrupt and inept Kiev?

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