Yarosh explains his “Parallel General Staff” idea



The Parallel Ukrainian General Staff (Yarosh’sClarifications)

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

I love it when the Nazis blab something out without
thinking, then try to explain themselves. Because the explanations contain a
lot of new and interesting information. Especially when the Nazi in question is
Dmitry Yarosh. A naïve and dumb executor of someone else’s (Kolomoysky’s) will.
Now I understand what Korban meant when he said that he bringing up his “charges”,
and does not fight against them:

“We did not talk about a parallel general staff. We talked
about a certain operational HQ to coordinate the activities of mainly the
volunteer formations. There are 40 such battalions at the front. There is a
need for operational coordination and exchange of intelligence data among them.
Especially since the volunteer movement is being actively discredited. This is
very important to us,” said the deputy.

Yarosh explained that the alternative HQ will collaborate
with the UAF GenStaff. “Battalion commanders came to visit me at the hospital,
we had a certain discussion. We decided to create an institution that would
help us carry out combat operations. It would also be of assistance to the General
Staff. Therefore, I repeat, we are not in favor of warlordism of any sort.”

A classic non-denial…intended for the dense (similar to
Yarosh himself). Let’s figure out what he is actually proposing. Here are the
main points.

No.1. Which volunteer battalions are not included in MVD and
UAF? He could only mean the Right Sector battalions. Naturally, their
operations ought to be coordinated. But not by GenStaff. Which means he is not
talking about them (there aren’t forth of them, either). Especially since
Yarosh makes it clear that…

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No. 2. FORTY battalions. So he is talking about the
territorial battalions which, in his view ought to exchange intel data and
coordinate their operations. Sounds kinda logical. Except…

No. 3. Yarosh may not know that TerrBats have long been included
in the line brigades, which means they are fully subordinate to their brigade
commanders, sector commanders, and ultimately the General Staff. If he doesn’t
know, he ought to know that there is such a concept as a military secret, and
if those secrets will be known 40 battalions, each with its own Facebook page,
it will be like a sieve. I also seriously doubt that the brigade or sector
commander will be happy to see the commander of some 34th TerrBat confer
not with him but with his “buddies” (with whom he would share operational

No. 4. But Yarosh said something very important even as he
was trying to deceive (he’s not Korban, after all). He confirmed the initial
assumption that what is being created is precisely a parallel structure to the
UAF GenStaff, whose task will be to take over the control over some or all of
the UAF if necessary. All of this is part of the coup preparation, and
Poroshenko’s unwillingness to fire Muzhenko does not seem accidental.

P.S. I have not changed my opinion. Yarosh yet again
confirmed by guess that there’s much more to the story. One should not get
overly focused on battalion commanders, vodka glasses in hand, coming up with
schemes in a hospital room.

P.P.S. If Yarosh knew how to hold his tongue, Korban would
not have to “bring him up” so often. But perhaps this is why he is so valuable:
“Dumb and talkative.”

Translator’s Note: Given this and other articles, it’s becoming clear the
intra-junta battlelines are being drawn. It’s Kolomoysky—Turchinov—Yarosh—Volunteer
battalions, against Poroshenko—Muzhenko—National Guard and UAF. Poroshenko
seems like the weaker side, which may be why Novorossia forces do not wish to
go over on the offensive, because a serious military setback for the UAF would
almost certainly bring down Poroshenko.

Some aspects of YuraSumy’s analysis are arguable. Is Yarosh
merely a simpleton following orders? A lot of people thought that way about
Hitler, back in the day, which meant he could be controlled because he was too
dumb to become an independent political actor. But if it’s Yarosh who has the operational
control over the TerrBats (plus his own Right Sector)…then who, exactly, can
stop him, if the UAF and the National Guard are somehow neutralized? Nobody. He
may be simply biding his time for now, playing the idiot for as long as it is useful, in order to lull his co-conspirators into a sense of complacency. 

Even his “loose lips” moment, which YuraSumy interprets as
an indication of his stupidity, could have been a coldly calculated move.
Yarosh must be perfectly aware that Muzhenko is incompetent and therefore
highly unpopular among the junior military commanders. To use military
parlance, he’s running this idea of his own GenStaff up the flagpole to see who
will salute. He wants to know which line UAF commanders he can count on when
the chips are down. As to those he can’t count on, let’s not forget that the
embedding of the TerrBats into regular brigades is reminiscent of the way the
Camicia Nere (Blackshirt) units were embedded into the regular Italian Army
during the Mussolini era.  While their
combat effectiveness was minimal, they could be counted on keeping the soldiers
in line, or to arrest the commanders if need be. This means the TerrBats embedded
in the brigades carry out a “decapitating strike” against its own military
leadership. When the parallel GenStaff gives the order to do so. Now, it’s
entirely possible that Yarosh would not do it on his own, but rather in
coordination with other members of the anti-Poroshenko coalition, but that does
not mean he will not use his control over the TerrBats against his own
erstwhile allies.

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