Is Ukraine still in denial over Debaltsevo?

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Tymchuk contradicts Poroshenko, but in his own way

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

I’m always amused to read the squirming by the “experts” who
can’t write the truth but don’t want to lie outright. Yesterday’s report from
Tymchuk is a masterpiece of a sort, specifically the part concerning Logvinovo.

“The russo-terrorist [sic] transferred a fresh task force
(up to 20 tanks, 10 AFVs, 200 personnel) to the vicinity of Lovinovo. The
terrorist [sic] group that operated here earlier was destroyed on the heights
between Nizhnee Lozovoe and Logvinovo (the enemy lost three AFVs).

During the second half of the day (2/14/2015) there was a
full-scale meeting engagement between tank and mechanized forces of the UAF and
the Russian Army on the sector Nizhnee Lozovoe—northern edge of Novogrigorovka.
Neither side scored a decisive victory, but ultimately the enemy stopped its
attempts to assault Logvinovo, leaving this town a “neutral zone.”

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Now explain me this. How can you assault a neutral town in a
meeting engagement, and then leave it neutral after having stopped the assault

P.S. The logic is beyond me. Moreover, Ukraine earlier
acknowledged that Logvinovo is under Novorossia control (which presumably has
no need to assault it). Semenchenko is more understandable. He took Logvinovo.
Don’t ask how or when, simply trust him, especially since Poroshenko himself is
citing Semenchenko.

P.P.S. Incidentally, Poroshenko was not only absolutely
certain that the UAF controls Logvinovo. He even managed to send four supply
convoys there. Evidently Tymchuk slept through his president’s announcement
before writing his usual nonsense in the morning.

J.Hawk’s Comment: As incredible as it may seem, one can’t
even say with any degree of certainty what Poroshenko actually knows about the
Debaltsevo cauldron. It may well be that he is simply trying to minimize the
extent of the disaster to avoid a public humiliation. But evidently even in
Minsk he insisted there is no cauldron, otherwise that issue might have been
become part of the ultimate ceasefire arrangement.

Anyway, who would tell him the bad news? His General Staff
chief Muzhenko? Who kept insisting (for days!—with Western media dutifully
copying-and-pasting his statements) Donetsk Airport was never lost by the UAF,
then that it was retaken in  a

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