Novorossia acquires a treasure trove of UAF equipment abandoned at Debaltsevo


 An apparently intact BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle formerly of the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade of the UAF


On the trophies kindly left by the UAF for Novorossia in theDebaltsevo cauldron

By Aleksey Smirnitskiy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

We are receiving the first reports concerning the
approximate numbers of equipment captured in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

1. Armored vehicles. By first estimates, Novorossia captured
over 80 tanks in repairable condition. Some of them were fully operational,
even loaded with ammunition. Some have been abandoned without fuel, others were
abandoned after their tracks were damaged, most of the vehicles captured have
light or medium damage. This is sufficient for at least two tank battalions.

According to the official Kiev GenStaff announcement, as
many as 15 tanks managed to leave the cauldron…out of at least 5 battalion
tactical groups which were originally in the cauldron and 4 additional ones
that were sent in to help.

Over 100 BMPs and BTRs have been captured in repairable
. The junta managed to take out only about 50.

2. Artillery. Not fewer than fifty 122mm and 152mm weapons
(not counting 120mm mortars), many of which are repairable, and about 15 BM-21
122mm Grad launchers
. At least 500 tons of artillery ammunition.

3.  A huge amount of
small arms
, including heavy machine guns, RPGs, RPOs [flame rocket launchers
used for assaulting fortified positions and buildings]. Storehouses of food and
medicine. Other goods.

4. Novorossia commanders are especially grateful to the
numerous volunteer organizations which have equipped the junta’s forces so
well: the hundreds of night vision devices, digital radio stations, thermal
imagers, modern ballistic computers and fire direction gear, wound treatment
and anti-shock kits of Western origin, Kevlar helmets (even though Russian ones
are better, there aren’t enough of them), modern body armor, will be of great

J.Hawk’s Comment: Just to reiterate, these are the weapons
and equipment which are in repairable condition. Many of UAF’s losses were
irretrievable—there are many photos circulating on the internet showing fields
and roads littered with burned out armored vehicles left behind by the UAF.

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