Novorossia army got a quarter of all heavy equipment and ammo of the Ukrainian army, left in the Debaltsevo qualdron

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Photo: Grigory Fedorov/TASS

February 21, 2015 – Ekaterina Neroznikova, Marina Baltacheva 
Translated by Kristina Rus

Weapons delivered to Kiev from abroad do not help Kiev, but end up in the hands of the militia. According to the representatives of Novorossia militia, they got a hold of 25% of all arms that were in the posession of UAF and National Guard.

After the escape of the Ukrainian military from Debaltsevo a lot of military equipment, including foreign, ended up at the disposal of the militia. “The soldiers and junior commanders of NAF want to express special gratitude to the numerous volunteer organizations, who supplied the troops of the junta so well: very popular are the hundreds of night vision devices, digital radios, modern ballistic calculators and fire control devices, dressing and antishock supplies made in the West, Kevlar helmets (although the Russian are better, but still a big deficit), latest generation armor,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of Defence of DPR, Vladislav Brig.

Recently NAF presented evidence that the Ukrainian army has NATO weapons. In early February, the Deputy Corps Commander of the Ministry of Defence of DPR, Eduard Basurin showed reporters the shells made in the USA, which were fired on Gorlovka. “A sample of a rocket of 155 mm caliber used by artillery systems of NATO countries”, – quoted REGNUM the words of Basurin. “These systems are not in service of the Ukrainian army. This is a special shell of 155-caliber from SAU M109A1 made in the USA. This shell has a bottom detonator. Upon striking a building or structure it gets stuck in the wall and breaks the structure. If it enters inside a building, the blast and shrapnel destroy all living things. The second shell is the unguided artillery system of 75 mm caliber. These artillery shells are also used by NATO countries and are not normally in stock of the Ukrainian army. This shell from the launch rocket systems, which are installed on portable rocket systems, mainly on cars. These systems are widely used in many conflicts: Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and as you can see, began to be used on the territory of DPR. The markings are there, you can see for yourselves” – he told the press.

Kristina Rus:

Nuland, Obama and McCain must sleep very well knowing they spend the American taxpayer money on killing the children of Donbass. 

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