“Novorossia is Ukraine liberated from Banderism”



Thus and only thus: Novorossia is Ukraine without Bandera

By Russkiy Malchik

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

A Soviet officer from Kharkov tells a “nationally conscious”
reporter the following: “I am in favor of creating a great Ukraine without
Bandera, and that is Novorossia. My father and I defended it. And I will die
for it, not for banderite Ukraine.”

I can only repeat what I wrote earlier:

“Those of you who are now in Ukraine but whose souls are
with Russia, though you are afraid to show it, should see how people under the
power of the Kiev junta who face death threats nevertheless choose the truth.
Everyone has a choice and a personal responsibility for their fate. Even in
difficult and lethally dangerous situations. Soviet people even in German
concentration camps figured out how to resist or to, at the very least, not aid
the invaders and occupiers. Remember that.”

Let me add: it’s not a question of everyone taking up arms
against the junta. That’s not the point. The point is to have the strength of
will not to succumb to lies and to preserve the truth. And, should the time
come, to tell that truth, at least to one’s relatives and friends. Or maybe,
like that Kharkov grandfather, to walk down Kharkov streets carrying a Soviet
flag so as not to be accused of separatism, and speak in support of one’s
native land, but purified of Banderism. Because that’s the truth: Novorossia
and Ukraine are not enemies. Novorossia is Ukrainian soil purified from the
invaders and occupiers.

J.Hawk’s Comment:  

Solzhenitsyn once wrote “Violence can only be concealed by Falsehood, and Falsehood can only
be maintained by Violence.” What Novorossia’s army had accomplished on the
Donbass is the breaking of the junta’s means of violence. With them crippled,
how much longer can the Falsehood survive?

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