“One-way ticket to Russia”–“Free” Ukraine’s political prisoners



Everyone who’s dissatisfied or in disagreement—to prison: How the government is breaking the people of Ukraine.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

During the February 18 session of the government, Prime
Minister Yatsenyuk promised to deport all opponents of the “Wall” (or the “European
Frontier”, as Yatsenyuk prefers to call it) on the Russo-Ukrainian border.

“Anyone who is against fortifying the border and the
security line will get a one-way ticket to that side of the border. This
applies to pro-Russian political forces which have raised their heads within
the walls of the parliament, and the pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian forces
which are trying to create chaos in the country,” said Yatsenyuk.

Incidentally, deportation of Ukrainian citizens is expressly
forbidden by the Constitution. Nevertheless, judging by what’s happening, it’s
not an obstacle to the government. While during the summer the Prime Minister “merely”
called the participants in socio-economic protests “FSB agents,” today anyone
who is unhappy with or opposed to the official propaganda faces hard time in

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[A summary of individual cases follows]

–A 23-year-old inhabitant of Zaporozhhye posted leaflets
criticizing high prices, the war, and the Maidan. He was arrested on suspicion
of creating a terrorist organization. His sister is active within DPR. He was
placed under arrest, he faces 8-15 years in prison if convicted.

–A National Guard soldier was sentenced to 9 years for
treason. His “crime was to attempt to receive a Russian citizenship. He was
accused of contacting Russian secret services through social networks, although
no proof was shown in court.

–Ruslan Kotsaba, a journalist, was arrested for airing a
statement against mobilization without introducing martial law first, and faces treason charges. According
to Poroshenko, additional 19 people have been arrested for the same “crime.”
The SBU has started four thousand (!) similar cases. In 78 cases, the
individuals being investigated stand accused of treason.

–An inhabitant of Zaporozhye made a cash transfer to a DPR
account in June 2014. In February 2015 the prosecutor’s office launched an
investigation, accusing the individual of aiding and abetting terrorism.

–SBU investigators are accusing a college instructor of
interfering with military operations. His “crime” consists of a few Facebook
posts critical of military operations, for which he faces 5-8 years in prison. There are more cases of people
being arrested for activity on social networks with every day.  

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