OSCE: Nationalist volunteer battalion Aidar is preparing to hold defense against both Ukrainian and Novorossian forces


February 8, 2015
Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyev
Russia 1 TV channel

Vladimir Solovyev:

What happened, why did they start talking about peace, is there hope for peace?

Lugansk representative:

“It is early to talk about peace, the hope is very slim. Why? This is not surprising. As soon as we are ready to go ahead, Ukraine starts to ask for ceasefire, each time it is used for dislocation, for regrouping, preparing for a new attack.

It seems that regrouping has completed, because there is an intensification in use of artillery along the entire front. Last night activity has sharply increased along the entire front line. There is a very serious activity of artillery, they are trying to change the situation. In the context of the last meeting, it is unclear why it started again today.

Why does Poroshenko say, he is a “president of peace”? Does he not control those groups that are fighting there?

When Poroshenko says “War” or “Peace,” he is not speaking for himself, but repeating what he is told.

Not all formations are under the control of Kiev. According to the latest information from OSCE, which I received has really puzzled me: Aidar troops in Stanitsa Luganskaya are preparing to hold a perimeter defense against LPR militia on one side and against UAF on the other side.

Today when Ukraine attempted to make some steps to stop this chaos, as soon as the decision was made to dissolve Aidar, some of them attempted to start riots in Kiev at the Ministry of Defense and Presidential Administration, and some of them are digging in and taking up a perimeter defense near Stanitsa Luganskaya.

Already they are reporting that the Ukrainian forces are firing on them. 

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