“Our HQ has fled, we are facing annihilation”–Junta battalion commander’s frantic call on live TV



90% of Debaltsevo captured, we can’t communicate with our HQ”—Ukrainian fighter

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukrainian troops are holding defense in strongpoints in the
vicinity of Debaltsevo. There is street fighting in the city against Russian
soldiers [sic] and Kadyrovites [sic].

This is what “Gross,” the deputy commander of the 25th
Kievan Rus battalion, which is located near Debaltsevo, said during a phone
call broadcast live by the TV news channel 24.

“There is street fighting in Debaltsevo. The enemy is using
Russian Federation [sic] special operations units and Kadyrovites [sic] to
storm Debaltsevo. They control 90% of it. Our forces are defending
strongpoints. The sector HQ and the sector commander have abandoned us, they do
not control the situation, they don’t know where the troops are,”- said “Gross.”

He noted that his troops need immediate help. They tried to
reach the General Staff several times, but there has been no reaction.

“Our troops are facing annihilation,” said the deputy
battalion commander.

“They are searching for the sector commander. Nobody knows
where he is,” he added.

We note that earlier the General Staff announced there is
fighting in the streets of Debaltsevo, and that the terrorists [sic] are not
allowing OSCE observers to reach the town. Part of the town was captured by the
bandits [sic].

The counter-terrorist [sic] operation HQ spokesperson
Anatoliy Stelmakh said that the militants [sic] have captured several buildings
in Debaltsevo.

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is a report from Newsdaily.com.ua,
which is a Kiev junta-supporting Ukrainian news outlet.  The magnitude of the Debaltsevo Debacle is
becoming more obvious with every passing minute…

The “sector commander” referred to in the report is in fact
the commander of the entire Debaltsevo grouping, since that was one of the
sectors of the front facing Novorossia, in other words, a fairly senior officer
who is now nowhere to be found.

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