Poroshenko: “Galicians – are the foundation of Ukraine’s statehood”


February 11, 2015

Da Dzi

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Petro Poroshenko candidly explained, who is the title nation of Ukraine, first grade citizens.

Petro Poroshenko during an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers called the inhabitants of the Western regions of Ukraine “the foundation of statehood of the country.” 

“There is no doubt. I, on the contrary, believe that Galicians are the foundation of the statehood of Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

Thus, he clearly defined the nation, which his regime is standing on. Blue blood. The first grade. Poroshenko defined the nation, which Kiev will be feeding until the end, when the East will starve and slide into poverty. It is the Western Nazis who ensured the coup and brought to power Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov. It is zapadentsi [Western Ukrainians] who had always been the loyal guard of Europe. They served faithfully to Poland, Austria, and Hitler’s Germany. Zapadentsi were always ready to kill the people of the East. 

Therefore it is not surprising that Poroshenko regards them as Ukrainians of first grade, the titular nation, the elite of Ukraine.

Because initially it was planned that Donbass after Euromaidan will faithfully serve Zapadenshina [Western Ukraine], giving their last. No wonder that since the 90’s Galicians called Donbass residents as “slaves”, “alcoholics”, “katsapi”. Told “funny” jokes about how banderites will deal with the wrong Ukrainians. And this is why with such inhuman wickedness the inhabitants of Galicia rejoice in the deaths of women and children of Donbass. Donbass residents did not want to be the slaves of Galicians, the first grade Ukrainians, the elite nation of “United Ukraine”. 

Fascism is characterized by justification of superiority and exclusivity of one proclaimed dominant nation. 

And Petro Poroshenko had defined such a nation. 


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