Valentines day fireworks for Donbass courtesy of Poroshenko


February 14, 2015
Dima Pitersky
Translated by Kristina Rus

Donetsk is subjected to the most powerful attack in the entire war for independence of Donbass.

The city is shaking from explosions and is under fire from exploding ammunition of Ukrainian terrorists. Emergency vehicles are rushing through the streets.

In different district shooting from automatic weapons is heard – military police and DPD army eliminate saboteurs.

“I have a feeling as if all the “fascist dogs” got a command to attack”, – reports from the scene our military correspondent. “Many Donetsk residents, who are not easily scared anymore, doubt they will survive this night and are saying goodbye to loved ones.”

It is hard to imagine how many will be wounded and killed in the fire of hell, organized by the Ukrainian army.

According to preliminary information under the fire of artillery and MLRS of the enemy are Gorlovka, Yenakievo, and other towns and villages of Donetsk region.

The army of Donetsk People’s Republic is holding counterbattery fire. You can be sure that many fascists will not survive this night and will answer before God for their bloody crimes.

P. S. Simultaneously with frenzied bombardment of cities of Donbass, Poroshenko is putting on a show – now live from the General staff issuing an order for ceasefire. First, in Ukrainian, then in English – for TV picture. 

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