Poroshenko throws 800 people and three battalion groups into battle to deblock the Debaltsevo cauldron and save himself


February 12, 2015
Vladislav Shurygin, military expert
Translated by Kristina Rus

Kristina Rus: Now it becomes clear what Poroshenko was talking about on the phone in those early morning hours from Minsk. He was preparing a last ditch massive surprise attack to deblock the Debaltsevo cauldron, which he maintains “does not exist”. He had hoped that by the end of the day he will be able to pull off a victory and say, look – I was right, there is no cauldron! But all those Ukrainian lives were lost in vain…

My friends, in short, the situation is this: from the early morning until almost 17 o’clock there was intense fighting for Logvinovo. Ukry threw all of their reserves for a breakthrough – no less than three battalion tactical groups numbering up to eight hundred people, with the support of not less than forty tanks. According to the militia, fresh, well-armed and well-trained battalions went in the battle.

Despite the fact that they had to advance practically in the open, in full view of the heights held by the militia, under crossfire, they rushed forward with exceptional persistence, ignoring the losses, skillfully using terrain folds and maintaining tactical order. 

According to intelligence, these were shock battalions, which the Ukrainian command was saving for a decisive offensive. These battalions have completed a full course of study under the guidance of American and Polish instructors on Yavorovsky base and were recently covertly relocated to the area of the ATO. 

But despite the surprise attack, and its strength, the Ukrainian storm-troopers failed to break through the defense of the militia. Having suffered huge losses at the stage of advance and deployment, the attackers failed to break into Logvinovo and the attack chocked on the approaches to the village. The last two tanks were burned just a few hundred meters from the positions of the militia. 

But the defenders of the village also suffered heavy casualties from enemy artillery fire. The second attack was repulsed by militia counter tank attack, whose tanks, moving to the village, immediately joined the battle with the advancing enemy.

Advancing across open countryside, Ukrainian infantry suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat, then the fight turned into an artillery duel. Simultaneously with the attack on Logvinovo, the Ukrainian divisions tried to attack the positions of the militia in the area of Donetsk airport under Chernukhino, Redkodub, and the key heights.

It is obvious that the high command of the armed forces of Ukraine received the strictest orders for the two days remaining until the ceasefire at all costs to turn the tide and to achieve significant tactical victories, recording a victorious termination of another stage of the armed conflict. 

In this case, the deblocking of surrounded at Debaltsevo UAF formation is a matter of honor for the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who announced to the whole world that there is NO CAULDRON. Therefore, it is clear that, in the remaining two days, the Ukrainian command will, disregarding any losses, throw all its available forces for a breakthrough, to prove that Poroshenko is right, which will become a kind of “Verdun” for this campaign by level of severity and one-time losses, and for the Ukrainian command – a test for the future stay in office.

Simultaneously with information about deblocking advance near Debaltsevo information appeared on a number of Ukrainian forums, and was removed by administrators, about a “black night”, which the Ukrainian command wants to throw as a final good bye for the rebellious population of Donbass. 

According to this information, in the last hours of the war the Ukrainian artillery should cause the most massive for this entire campaign strike on cities and towns of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. As mentioned on one of the forums: “Leaving, loudly slamming the door, so that this bang will be remembered in each separatist family, in each of their homes!”

This cynical campaign of the Ukrainian Nazis could claim hundreds of lives…

Kristina Rus: Meanwhile all those deaths were not necessary, because the offer for safe passage through green corridors has already been on the table, and was again reiterated at Minsk, but saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers is not “victory” for Poroshenko …

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