Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh creates parallel Armed Forces of Ukraine


Yarosh with Right Sector commanders

February 13, 2015
Translated by Krisitna Rus

“Total war” – terrorist Yarosh warns, that the militants of the Right Sector and other volunteer-punisher battalions will not obide by the Minsk agreement.

About this and about the creation of parallel armed forces of Ukraine of the volunteer army, the infamous terrorist and a member of Parliament, Dmitry Yarosh says on his official Facebook page.

“With the permission and an entourage of doctors went to one of the bases of DUK PS (“DUK PS” – Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector – “Rusvesna”).

Took part in the extended meeting of the commanders of the various units and divisions of the Corps. Outlined a number of strategic and operational directions for the development of military-political movement “The Right Sector”.

Discussed the situation at the front and rear, as well as opportunities and options for state legitimization of the Volunteer corps as a social phenomenon.

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Decided: on joining in the structure of the operational headquarters of the volunteer movement, on deployment of new combat and reserve units of DUK, on further systematization and structuring of medical, intelligence, and information services of the Corps.

Considered the possibility of creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army as a separate type of UAF (we are talking about completely independent from the main command structure with its own General Staff – “Rusvesna”), and the like…

Frankly, terribly tired, but got a great moral satisfaction from communicating with brothers.

We are all united by the idea of statehood of our people and strive for victory over enemies foreign and domestic. We know that despite the efforts of katsap [derogatory term for Russians – tr.] jackals and snake hissing of sympathizers and collaborators, we are on the right path. We – are the strength which protects Ukraine. This is our main mission in this earthly  life…

We want to win. We can win. We will win!

P.S. At the meeting we decided that there will be no ceasefire with Russian occupants and terrorists. We will wage the war until a victorious liberation of all Ukrainian lands from Moscow freaks. And victory will be ours! Glory To Ukraine!”

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