Right Sector militants surrounded the Krasnoarmeisk Ukrainian command headquaters, threatening to storm it


February 13, 2015

Ukrainian TV station “Orbita”

Translated by Kristina Rus

(UAF) Military commander of Krasnoarmeisk, Evgeny Fomulyaev:

The military command worked today in Karlovka area, Pervomaisk, on the complains of looting. There were a lot of complaints from these localities about robberies, and property taken away. We pulled over a vehicle for a check up with three representatives of the Right Sector, as they had introduced themselves. It was loaded with microwaves, washing machines, TV’s, all kinds of junk

We wanted to take them to the command office to search the vehicle for illegal objects. They agreed. 

We came here, called on the representatives of police and an investigator. 

Offered the guys to conduct a search of the car lawfully with the presence of witnesses. 

They said we will call our commanders, and decide with them.

They called their commanders, the commanders came and said: “We prohibit you from searching the vehicle.”

We don’t want to escalate the situation and want to solve this peacefully. Because they are fighting against DPR, and we are fighting against them too. A strange situation occurred, when their leaders are not allowing the law enforcement to search their vehicle. 

Where are these people right now?

They are in front of the command headquarters. Surrounded us from all directions, pulled out mortars, machine guns, put snipers on the roofs, want to storm the command office. 

How many people? 

About 100 people

That’s a lot. What are your next actions?

We took a perimeter defense. 

Did you ask for any help?

We already told the leadership of the ATO, informed them about the situation, and are waiting for help. 

We would like to address the Right Sector leadership to influence their people, and pull them away from the military command office and allow the law enforcement to do their job. 

Kristina Rus: 

Normally local police in Ukraine looks the other way and even assists in covering up the crimes of the Right Sector, in fear for their lives. It is interesting that this commander is persistent at establishing some rule of law and protecting the property of civilians, and is defiant in the face of the Right Sector, the most feared organization not only in Novorossia, but across entire Ukraine.

The Right Sector response suggests that they are used to getting their way. (Just think about all that goes on, that never gets a light of day)

It is also interesting that the Right Sector commanders went for such drastic measures as a threat of use of force. Perhaps, the recent “conference” with Yarosh gave them a new level of confidence and primacy over the Ukrainian authorities, who are too “soft” by their standards.

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