“Russia, the bearer of a criminal, slavish consciousness”–or why the war will continue…



Here’s why the UniUkraine carried out a genocide on the people of the Donbass

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Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

“My soul screams and cries. How could this have happened?
Why did it suddenly turn out that we are dealing with an enemy on our own soil?
And why does part of the population support bandits and subversives? And why do
our soldiers act so passively, fall into ambushes, and die? It seems that we
are losing the Donbass. Heck, we’ve already lost it. But we should walk away
from it. This is the territory of the war for Ukraine. A real war, without any
sentiments. If the population is blocking roads, if women walk in front of
bandits and subversives who use them as human shields, it means they chose
their fate. They hate us because we are Ukrainians, for our spirit, because in
our souls we are free. Therefore they need to be dealt with accordingly and
mercilessly. We will not avoid a war with Russia. We are in the trap that has
been prepared for us. Now we have to destroy this trap and go into the enemy’s
territory. Our real target is Russia, as the bearer of a criminal, slavish
consciousness, as an anti-value. Putin is trying to cause atrocities. Indeed,
he has caused them. Nobody will help us now. The world will intervene only when
it is forced. Eventually it will be forced to cut out this cancerous growth on
the planet’s body. Therefore we must go into the Donbass and fight against
Russia, since they want it, since they chose this version of their fate. This should
be the territory of the war and may the strongest win. The Donbass ought to be
flooded by small volunteer raiding detachments that will act cruelly where
official troops play by the rules. They should seek out and pitilessly destroy
the Chechens. Without discrimination, because they are all related to one
another. Makhno would soak the djigits with kerosene and let them run around.
It should be a crusade, on which everyone embarks with whatever they have
available. It should be a people’s war. Only this way can we win and preserve

J.Hawk’s Comment: The above illusration is a screen-shot of a comment (unfortunately one of many similar ones) on a Ukrainian discussion forum, and it is indicative of the post-Debaltsevo attitudes of many “true believers” who are the core constituency of the Kiev junta. They, the junta and its supporters, are too heavily invested, and they have too much blood on their hands to back down. Ever. If they war were to actually end, they would have to answer for their actions, for their crimes. They can avoid responsibility only for as long as the war continues. Therefore, ceasefire or no ceasefire, the war will continue until the junta eventually collapses. Alas, it is perfectly liable to take all of Ukraine with it…

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