Russian and Ukrainian social media analysis of Kharkov terrorist attack


February 23, 2015
Michail Slobodskoy for Stoletie,ru
Translated by Kristina Rus

Explosion in Kharkov: who benefits? Kiev instantly said the terrorists were trained in Russia

On February 22 the Kharkov march of the Right Sector in honor of the anniversary of “Euro-Maidan” was rocked by an explosion. The incident occurred when the column was just going from the Sports Palace to Constitution Square. Two columns were supposed to meet at the square: the second one came from the Shevchenko monument. After the explosion the column dispersed and the most determined participants traveled to the rally on their own. 

The rest of the day the scenario has evolved is such a way that it immediately brought back the memories of all the junta provocations in Odessa, Mariupol, Volnovakha, at a trolley stop in Donetsk, the Malaysian Boeing: To carry out lethal acts, to rapidly identify the perpetrator, and then to declare mourning. In the Kharkov case the mourning was scheduled for February 23, on the [Soviet/Russian/Red Army] Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, cancelled in Ukraine.

Another symptomatic stroke: the devils of the junta usually get active on Orthodox holidays. This time – Forgiveness Sunday, the eve of lent. [Also – Maidan anniversary. Kiev junta has a weakness for holidays – the January military campaign started on Russian Orthodox Christmas, January 7; Mariupol attack by Lyashko thugs happened on May 9, 2014,  and the Ukrainian Civil War started with an attack of the Right Sector on unarmed locals at a Slavyansk checkpoint on Easter, 2014 – Kristina Rus]

At first the lies were somewhat chaotic: Avakov’s adviser Gerashchenko was talking about explosive device in a snowbank, Avakov’s electronic newspaper “Glavnoye” – talked about a “mine buried in the asphalt” (!), it was also reported about a grenade, thrown out of a car with a “St. George ribbon”, and even about fragments of a chopped pipe… It is difficult to determine what has exploded from all of these reports. But four “suspects” were quickly arrested, and at the same time a grenade launcher was confiscated from them. A high-ranking official of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Markian Lubkivsky, posted online the photos of “detention of Kharkov terrorists”, which immediately raised questions: the arrest was announced at 15:30, but the photos were taken at night.

Swiftly, as if planned, within two hours, followed the reaction of the head of SNBO [National Security and Defense Council] of Ukraine, Turchynov: “In connection with the terrorist attack, which took place in Kharkov, during which, according to preliminary data, one policeman was killed and five policemen and civilians were injured,  the highest level of a terrorist threat is announced in the city and  an anti-terrorist operation is initiated”.

Facebook commentator Polina Ritz rapidly responded:

“Are you surprised that when a shaky ceasefire is established, when they finally stopped shooting at the front, when they began to pull heavy weapons, a peaceful rally in peaceful Kharkov is rocked by a terrorist attack with casualties? I am not. And I will not be surprised by the fingerprints of Surkov or Patrushev on the explosives”.

[I agree with the statement, except for the names – Poroshenko and Turchinov would be more fitting. After all it is Putin (who desperately needs peace and stability on Russia’s borders) who wrote the Minsk agreement on his airplane (according to one source), the optimal scenario of peaceful Ukraine, which will be impossible to follow by the Kiev junta, whose survival is based on declaring it’s opposition “terrorists.” The agreement, the failure to follow which, would ultimately expose the junta’s true nature to those willing to see it. And it is Poroshenko who was cornered and ambushed in Minsk and was pressured to sign it – Kristina Rus]

Indeed: on Monday UAF had to start the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line in Donbass.

“Anti-terrorist operation continues,” – said Turchynov, adding that, according to the SBU, the group that carried out the attack, was trained in the Russian city of Belgorod. “This once again proves that the terrorist campaign carried out in Ukraine, has the same sponsors and organizers, as in the East of our country,” – he said.

The explosion occurred at 13:20, and at 16:50 Avakov’s editor-in-chief published: “Turchynov about the explosion in Kharkov: the terrorists were trained in Russia.” The rate of investigation is simply astounding. Already made an analysis and caught and identified the perpetrators. So in three hours of “investigation activities”, the criminals were caught, and Turchinov was personally called with the proof of terrorists training in Russia. What an amazing intelligence work! But what about the “heavenly hundred”, the Odessa residents burned alive? Where are the special agents, where is the investigation?

Blogger Dmitry Zagovbrodsky gave his analysis, calling it “An Explosion in Kharkov: SBU Provocation. The cure for “cotton” thoughts”. [“Cotton” (“Vatnik”) is a label given to Russians by the Ukrainian nationalists – tr.]

The analyst says:

“Junta understands that it can only scare people by showing them what the Ukrainian army and the Interior Ministry can turn Donbass into. This is the only tool left for the junta.

Only fear can keep Kharkov a part of the dying Ukraine for another six months or a year. Ukrainian Nazis have already realized that they can not win by military means. And they already killed their own: remember how Turchynov chose Sergey Nigoyan for the sacred victim of Maidan [An Armenian pro-Maidan youtube celebrity, who was chosen to be sacrificed by Turchinov (according to sources close to Turchinov) to make the biggest impact. A coffin with his body was carried around the entire Maidan as a showcase and a motivational tool – K.R.]. Kharkov SBU, to stop the approaching Spring, chose terror against their own yellow-blue patriots.”

Whereas, writes the blogger, “Kharkov resistance, in principle, would not, and did not organize an act that would kill people. Because we need a peaceful Kharkov as part of Novorossia. Where there is no war. Where there are no Nazis in face masks with guns on the streets. Where there are no gangs of “Azov” and the “Right Sector”. Where there is law and order”.

The thoughts of Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky were confirmed by the urgent statement of Kharkov partisans, published by the evening of Forgiveness Sunday: 

“We, the Kharkov partisans, leading a guerrilla war on the territory of Kharkov and Kharkov region against the Kiev junta, have no relation to the explosion on February 22, 2015 during the march of ATO [anti-terrorist operation] supporters. We did not plan and will not plan our actions in places of a mass congestion of civilians, regardless of their political views! We believe that many ordinary Ukrainians are fooled by the Kiev junta media, and as we have already stated repeatedly, we will not endanger the lives of innocent civilians.

In addition, we have reliable information that the column of peaceful demonstrators on February 22, 2015 was blown up by the orders of Avakov in order to justify a anti-terrorist operation regime in the Kharkov region.

Kharkov residents! A year ago the moral freaks, sadists and murderers came to power in Ukraine, who for the sake of their goals are sacrificing the Ukrainian people! And all of us are just a bargaining chip in their evil game. We will win!”

Meanwhile, Anton Geraschenko, the Adviser to Minister Avakov, is yapping about the “achievements of the investigation”. Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page:

 “Behind the organization of the terrorist act that killed two and crippled 11 Kharkov residents, is a terrorist organization “Kharkov partisans – terrorists”. This is shown by the evidence collected by the experts analyzing the remnants of the explosive device”.

 Further Gerashchenko’s comment takes on a sci-fi character (we may suspect that this move was invented by Avakov himself, who has extensive experience with lies, deception and “fiction festivals”). Gerashchenko writes (fully preserving the original):

 “Previously, one of the leaders of this group, the poet-looser Phillip Ekozyants, repeatedly, in the role of deficient preacher-lecturer,  solemnly announced the preparation of terrorist acts, their implementation and results, reporting thus to the sponsors in the Kremlin. … The group of “Kharkov terrorists” is trying to confuse the investigators by a frightened statement of Ekozyants that this terrorist group is allegedly not  involved in this explosion. As a retarded justification is the claim that this attack was organized by the Ukrainian government in order to introduce a state of emergency in Kharkov. But the group of “Kharkov partisans” will not escape responsibility!” 

[Many representatives of Russian-Ukrainian “cultural” class – poets, writers, and musicians in Ukraine have taken an active role in the resistance, probably because they are naturally more sensitive to BS due to their background and education. And of course the easiest ideological victims and the base of the junta are the young unemployed kids with a lot of aggression, no prospects and a young blank page mentality – K.R.]”

Gerashchenko is proposing life imprisonment for the “four persons, possibly related to the planning and execution of this attack”.

As for the Kharkov celebrity, the singer-songwriter and performer Phillip Eckozyants, who in  the last year spoke out with a number of video messages to Kharkov citizens, citizens of Ukraine and once personally to Avakov, Avakov has personal motives for revenge. This is why Gerashchenko attributes to Eckozyants the “terrorist organization and all other Putin’s terrorists.” Shameless lies –  is also the Goebbels style of the junta.

Gerashchenko also named those killed by the explosion: the coordinator of Kharkov “Euro-Maidan” Igor Tolmachev and police Colonel Vadim Rybalchenko, “who was ordered to come from the small town of Pervomaisk to ensure security of the celebration of Maidan anniversary”. “Out of the eleven wounded,” writes “scholar” Gerashchenko, ” the five policemen walking along the perimeter of the demonstration in the cordon and covering with their bodies the other demonstrators, thanks to whom there were fewer victims and wounded among the peaceful demonstrators”. 

And then he goes into the rhetoric about the unity of the people and the police, “only by working together, the public and law enforcement agencies are able to effectively deal with this terrible and unpredictable evil – terrorism … It should be clear that having close such a dangerous enemy, as Putin’s Russia and a bunch of schizophrenics, obsessed on the empty idea of the “Russian world”, we are doomed to live in constant threat of new terrorist attacks. So let’s mobilize. Let’s stop hating and fearing the police and it will change for the better, becoming a real defender of the rights and interests of citizens, because there is no other way!”

There is an opinion that in Kharkov the “party of war” (Turchynov-Avakov-Yatsenyuk) carried out the attack including against Poroshenko, who in January appointed his Governor here, unseating Avakov’s Baluta.

“The bastards that killed people at the March, were aiming at our dignity,” – said Yatsenyuk about the explosion in Kharkov.

Observers noticed that the explosion in Kharkov killed the coordinator of Kharkov Maidan, who took the fans of “Metallist” soccer club to scorch Odessans on May 2, 2014. And the junta will not miss the Kharkov cops, in general, always loyal to the local population. And the junta is quietly getting rid of Odessa perpetrators.

Details of conspiracy and coincidences associated with former Kharkov resident Avakov, an active organizer of the events of the May 2nd in Odessa, are emerging. Many have noticed that over the last 10-15 days three key Right Sector sotniki (heads of Maidan hundreds), who coordinated the Odessa massacre have been killed. Famous sotnik “Mykola”, who himself spoke that he was in direct contact with Avakov, died in a hospital 10 days ago, sotnik “Kubik” (“Cube”), who controlled part of KMDA (Kiev City Administration), who was very aggressive towards Avakov and promised to avenge Muzychko-Biliy, also actively showcased himself at the events at the Odessa House of Trade Unions, under unknown circumstances died near Debaltsevo. And so came the time to become a sacred victim, to join the “heavenly hundred” on its anniversary, for the sotnik of Kharkov Euro-Maidan, Igor Tolmachev.

* * *

The amateur video from the scene of the explosion, made by an “accidental witness”, quickly posted on the Internet, then hastily deleted, but still copied by many, raised many questions.

There is every reason to believe that the videographer knew about the bombing in advance. The text shows that: that person is recording on orders, at least, is prepared and works not as a bystander, knows what to shoot, where and when; but pretends that he is here accidentally – started confidently recording, and then suddenly said: “Look, some strange demonstration…”. I.e., he specifically came to record the moment in a place determined in advance. And at the peak moment was right next to the explosion. This is staged. And this video exposes him. The same scheme as with the “kids” [beaten] on the Kiev Euro-Maidan a year ago.

Here is how one attentive viewer commented the actions of the “video operator”:

1. “Accidentally” turns on the camera a few seconds before the explosion. “Apparently from the ATO… some kind of march… march to somewhere…” – he tells a woman with a stroller;

2. A few seconds before the explosion has the time to name the date (!). This is done specifically for the tape which will soon be shared on air;

3. Calms the crowd running in panic. Does he know that there are no more explosions?

4. Immediately blames the separatists. That is, he knows that this is the march of “anti-separatists” [he intentionally lied at the beginning of the recording, pretending to be a random bystander – KR]

5. Knows where each trash bin is located. Does anyone know all the trash bins in your neighborhood?

6. After the explosion, unlike the fleeing in a panic veterans of the ATO, remains calm. Continues to shoot.

7. Tells to his companion: “This is serious. Go that way ASAP…”. “Serious” – is not about the explosion, but about the crowd running at them.

Maybe for someone it’s OK to say to your woman with a baby (!) “Vali” [a rude way of saying “go”], but it looks more like a couple of saboteurs on the job. Some made this conclusion: the button of the detonator could be in the pocket of the video operator.

The video and  its detailed analysis can be found here:

* * *

So who benefits from this attack?

The resistance? No. Its foundation is peace, law and order.

SBU? Yes. Its tools – are murder, kidnappings, provocations, beatings and torture.

Explosion in Kharkov on February 22 – is obviously the operation, planned by the secret services of the junta.

The junta has committed another crime against innocent people. And for the perpetrators  (is it the famous sadist and torture master Colonel of Kharkov SBU, Pukhnaty Ilya Fedorovich?), and the customers will inevitably be punished.

And intelligence agencies of Ukraine now as “evidence” for idiots will find not only the St. George ribbon, but matreshkas, and “Putinka” vodka, as well as a vatnik, a hat with a red star, balalaika, chocolate “Gvardeysky” and the honorary diploma of the FSB (the token of the employee of the tax police of Russia, abolished 11 years ago, which Poroshenko showed the other day!). So to speak, “in search of Surkov’s business card”.

Clearly it smells like a State Department scenario, as on Maidan, were the snipers also appeared  “in time”. And the anger after Debaltsevo will be directed in the direction desired by Kiev. And the reason for increasing repressions is obvious.

The aim of the attack is to create a basis for expansion of the ATO zone.

A columnist of “Odnako” I. Lisan reasonably believes the explosion in Kharkiv is a prologue for sabotaging “Minsk-2”.

The analyst’s arguments for this conclusion are as follows:

– Kharkov immediately declared the anti-terrorist operation regime;

– Poroshenko announced new “evidence” of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, in particular, again some passports and even allegedly an ID of a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;

– Kiev is holding an exhibition of equipment allegedly taken from the “aggressor”;

– An explosion at the moment when the representatives of the “civilized world community” arrived to Kiev to the same march, had to emphasize the cynicism of this act and to convince foreign guests of the reality and danger of “Russian aggression against defenseless Ukraine”;

– a few days ago Kiev made the decision to close 23 border crossings on the border with Russia.

There’s an analogy: in late December – early January in Odessa there was a series of explosions; one person blew himself up, and and two killed themselves in Kherson. Before that, Kiev made the decision to close the border with Crimea with the wording “for security purposes” and shut down passenger service to the peninsula. Parts of National Guard were brought in to Odessa. 

Now, based on Kiev’s previous actions, says the analyst, we should expect:

1. Declaring Russia a terrorist state and the beginning of a new round of propaganda, which aims to unite the nation in the face of a threat. It will also allow to squeeze from the information space the defeat at Debaltsevo.

The death from the explosion of a Kharkov leader of Euro-Maidan should harden the supporters of the “United Ukraine”;

2. Recognition of  LPR and DPR as terrorist organizations and anyone who sympathizes with them – terrorists;

3. Start intensifying internal witch hunt for the “agents of Russia”;

4. Accuse Russia of violating the Minsk agreements with the aim of forcing Europe towards new sanctions and intensifying the conflict by supplying weapons from the U.S. to Ukraine;

5. Justification of the necessity of the Russian border closure “for security purposes”. This will allow to reduce the number of Ukrainian men escaping to the Russian Federation, not wanting to fight in the Ukrainian army, and will give another bargaining chip for the new demands on Moscow on the transfer of control over the border of Novorossia and the Russian Federation to Kiev.

Since the anniversary of Maidan went quietly and was marked by the creation of the equivalent of Hitler’s “temple of light”, but not shooting and Poroshenko’s toppling, who was able at the last moment to disorganize the new brotherhood of battalion commanders, then most likely, there will not be a coup in the coming weeks. Instead of a coup we should expect a resumption of fighting, maximum tightening  of rhetoric of the bloody “dove of peace” Poroshenko.

The goal of the U.S. policy in Ukraine is chaos and using it as a tool to break Russia’s relations with the EU and forcing Brussels to sign the treaty on the creation of a transatlantic free trade zone. The tool of chaotization of Ukraine will become arms deliveries to Kiev, which, starting to fight again, will most likely, be left without the IMF money, that will bring the collapse of the state as a social institution and will further plunge the country into war of all against all.

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