Russian trade with the US grew 7% despite sanctions


February 2, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Sanctions and the crisis did not affect the development of the Trade and Commerce Chamber (TPP), in particular on the growth in quantity of relationships and volume of business services. This was stated by the President of TPP of the Russian Federation, Sergey Katyrin, reports the correspondent of Накануне.RU.

He noted that the Chamber has “fairly extensive contacts and agreements with many partner organizations from the greater part of the world. “We did not cancel any one event that was planned both in Russia and abroad”, – said the head of the TPP RF, noting that “sometimes we have to adjust the scale”.

Just in 2014 320 business missions were organized, including in countries initiating sanctions against Russia. He recalled the fall meeting of the business community in Poland, were all the registered entrepreneurs showed up to discuss opportunities and new ways of building relationships. “Nothing has changed in the format of the meetings”, – he added.

However Katyrin added: noticeable emphasis today is placed on the establishing of contacts within the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), despite the fact that the interest in Western countries remains. 60% of the “aspirations” of the Chamber are in the Eastern zone, the remaining 40% – in the West. “We have interest, and we are not going to turn from this direction,” – he commented.

Katyrin also said that over the past year, trade with China increased by 2%, and with the United States – by 7%, which again indicates a low impact of sanctions on the economic and financial processes.

The president of TPP of the Russian Federation expressed hope that the meetings within the framework of Russia’s presidency in the BRICS will be adequately organized, and the Russian business will have more opportunities on the Eastern front than in other countries.

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