Semenchenko confirms last road to Debaltsevo cut



Semen Semenchenko’s Facebook update concerning the situation at Debaltsevo

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Fighting continues around Logvinovo on the
Debaltsevo-Artemovsk road. The enemy managed to bring up reserves. Both sides
have lost armored vehicles. Our artillery is working well. The staff scum, who
slept through the enemy incursion into Logvinovo [original says Loskutovka, but
Semenchenko later clarifies he meant Logvinovo] and who started to react only
after lunch, ought to be shot. Our suddenly breaking-down tanks are a separate

So, in brief. The separatists have cut the road in

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UAF and the Donbass battalion have retreated to their
initial positions. The rest—not suitable for Facebook.

Goddamn strategists!

J.Hawk’s Comment: Semenchenko confirms reports from several
other sources, namely that the Debaltsevo salient is now officially a
Debaltsevo pocket, or cauldron, if you will, in which UAF units are physically
encircled. There is not a single way into or out of Debaltsevo that does not
lead through Novorossia army positions. Given the configuration of the front
line, any UAF attempt to recapture Logvinovo would be exposed to a Novorossia
army counterattack from three sides, which is probably the reason for the
withdrawal that Semenchenko notes. 

This is not the first time that Ukrainian armored vehicles developed problems at a crucial time–it has been reported by Ukrainian sources that the counter-attack to retake the Donetsk Airport from the militia failed because so many vehicles broke down on the way to the objective. Is this a maintenance problem, or are the units in question simply refusing orders?

As noted before, Novorossia forces could have done this a
long time ago. They were holding off in order to give Poroshenko a chance for a
face-saving out at the Munich conference. Instead Poroshenko chose to present
his new “Watch Russian Passports Appear and Disappear” magic trick. So now new “facts
on the ground” are being created on the eve of the “Normandy format” meeting
scheduled for Wednesday, February 11.

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