Semenchenko discharged from National Guard of Ukraine.



The National Guard announced Semenchenko was dischargedalready in November

The order was signed by the commander of the regiment to
which the Donbass was subordinated.

The Ukrainian National Guard officially confirmed that Semen
Semenchenko, the commander of the Donbass battalion with the rank of Major in
the reserve, has been discharged from service.

The National Guard press service announced that the citizen
Semenchenko entered service on August 11, 2014, in the reserve of military unit
number 3027 of the Northern operational-territorial district of the National
Guard, and received the command of the Donbass battalion.

However, by the order of the unit commander from November 24
of last year, Semenchenko was released from further service due to his election
to the Verkhovna Rada.

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Thus the National Guard had addressed the numerous media
claims that Semenchenko serves in the National Guard reserve.

There were reports on Facebook that Semenchenko submitted a
resignation from the Donbass command position, since he could not be a Rada
deputy and a commander of a military formation at the same time.

However, Semenchenko and his press secretary leter said that
the information was false, and that the Donbass Facebook page was hacked.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The guy just can’t take a hint, can he?
This could potentially end up very badly for him, because if he had been
discharged already in November…what is he doing on facebook claiming that he is
the battalion commander and participating in its operations? That is a
punishable offense in most countries.

So the “coordinating HQ” and “parallel GenStaff” ideas have
been very convincingly shut down by the National Guard and the MVD. Yarosh
seems to have gotten the message, and likewise Azov’s Biletsky knows how the
game is being played. There will be no new Maidans. What there will be is a
campaign of repression and possibly even terror against the civilian population
of junta-controlled Ukraine, in which the “volunteer battalions” are likely to
play a key role. This regime knows perfectly well what mistakes Yanukovych
made, and it will not make the same mistakes. Especially since even if blood
runs in the streets, it’s unlikely that the West will do anything to intervene.
One of the major advantages of being a “pro-Western” regime is that it gives
you a veritable license to kill your own citizens.

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