The photo of “300 Zaporozhians” named one of the best photos of the year


February 6, 2015
Iskra News
Translated by Kristina Rus

A photo by Zaporozhian photographer and journalist Maxim Shcherbina (above) became famous around the world.

International agency “Anadolu” published an anthology of 200 photographs, reflecting the events of 2014.

Among them are photos taken in Turkey, Egypt, Gaza, Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, etc. that reflect all the important events throughout the year, and were widely used in the international media.

The photo of Maxim Shcherbina also made it to the list.

Other photos:

Sparta, 480 BC/Zaporozhye, 2014: “Better to die standing up, then to live on your knees”

300 Zaporozhians against the Right Sector

April 14, 2014:
Maxim Ravreba
Rainbow over the spot of yesterday’s feat of our Zaporozhians:

They stood there, surrounded by Bandera-enemies, as 300 Spartans and 300 Cossacks under Berestechko. Symbolic.

Their rally yesterday was officially sanctioned. But Kolomoisky gathered his banderite bastards. And the fight began. They were bombarded with eggs and flour, were not allowed to leave, demanded to kneel. They didn’t and stood until the end.

The police took them. But where? To the police department! They say because it was the closest. There they were registered, questioned and released when pravoseki [Right Sector] and other lowlifes dissolved.

Our victims were treated at the emergency of hospital #5 of the city of Zaporozhye. There were 24 people with injuries, ranging from head fractures to burns.

Kristina Rus: No one thought then this was just a prelude to the killing of children …

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