Total Ukro-utilization


February 14, 2015
Vladislav Shurygin, Military expert
Translated by Kristina Rus

Schizophrenia and hysteria abound on Ukrop websites. Panowie and panie are tearing their hair in a competition who can better explain that a disaster it actually a victory, or at least a very tricky victorious maneuver of Ukrop generals.

The “best” discovery of today: a unique-secret maneuver was pulled off, as a result of which ALL “separy” [separatists] under Debaltsevo were surrounded and thousands of Russian mercenaries in the cauldron are appealing to Putin and pray for a speedy ceasefire.

Well, I’ll leave the “battered Russian regiments and brigades” up to the conscience of the commentators – here the information war has its own “chips” – Ukry have the dozens of thousands of Russian troops, which are valiantly grounded by Ukry-warriors, and the militia has “thousands of Polish mercenaries” who are fiercely fighting back, not retreating by a step. Each party considers only the elite foreign fighters as equal to themselves, not realizing that they are fighting with a mirror…

But that’s not the point.

Frankly this afternoon I, quite easily visited near Uglegorsk and near Debaltsevo and didn’t see any traces of Ukrop cauldron. And I want to bring this to Panowie and Panie, dear friends, your victory is a stoned nonsense! Your troops are in a cauldron and they shall die a painful death, if they will not lay down arms. And I personally, after everything I saw in Donbass, am all for that no Ukro-riffraff shall escape from Debaltsevo stranglehold!

You lost another campaign! And now you already have two military geniuses: Geletey Ilovaisky and Mouzhenko Debaltsevsky, champions in utilization of svidomy [nationally-consious] Ukry. My congratulations! Keep going…

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