UAF attempts to recoup its armored vehicle losses



Armored KrAZ

By Denis Mokrushin

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

A Ukrainian volunteer writes:

“Yesterday we sent to the front the first of four repaired
KrAZ trucks that we armored. It’s an unusual vehicle. The overall thickness of the
armor sandwich is 320mm. We have installed firing ports that can be used while
the vehicle is stationary or on the move. There is a stationary coal stove. The
vehicle is painted with flat paint that is used on armored vehicles. We used it
to paint tanks and will use it to paint all vehicles that we repair. Of course,
all of these modifications were applied on a fully restored and repaired
vehicle. It’s the first time we are using this armor technology and we are
quite pleased with the result. The vehicle, and all others, will be used as a
an all-terrain prime-mover in an artillery regiment.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: There are additional photos on the blog that is linked to above. It’s a good example of frontline ingenuity, but this kind of ingenuity suggests the UAF is beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. Debaltsevo losses were severe, and the fact that artillery units find the need to acquire such vehicles indicates there are no purpose-built armored prime movers anymore, and that UAF artillery units have been hit hard by Novorossia counter-battery fire.

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