UAF’s Looming Artillery Shortage



Ukraine is taking Soviet-era D-48 85mm anti-tank guns from mothballs

By Evgenuss

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The D-48 was developed in the late 1940s and officially
adopted in 1953. Series production continued between 1953 and 1957, with a
total of 819 guns manufactured.

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The reason these guns are being taken out of mothballs is
the difficult equipment situation of the UAF. The Ukrainian MOD has to take
such measures due to the lack of money and the presence of large stores of old

The weapons are being restored at the factory in Rovno,
which also repairs other types of artillery.

The D-48s are needed to bypass the Minsk Agreement and to
furnish newly formed UAF units with artillery. The older units have Akatsia and
Gozdika [152mm and 122mm SP howitzers], and Rapira 100mm AT guns, but there may
not be enough of them left.

J.Hawk’s Comment: It’s not clear at all how these guns would
bypass the Minsk Agreement, unless it contained a provision concerning caliber
of weapons affected. However, the shortage of weapons and equipment is
undeniable. Many were destroyed and captured, and the wear-and-tear from
ordinary usage cannot be ignored either. The units in question are the
motorized brigades that are being formed out of the mobilizees of the 4th
wave that started in January. Even assuming they will receive some “leavening”
of veterans from other units, these will be very “raw” formations of far lower
fighting power than the UAF brigades of the summer of 2014 or January 2015, in
large part due to the shortages of modern heavy weapons and armored vehicles. Should the junta attempt another military campaign, it will be in an even worse position relative to the Novorossia Armed Forces than in the January Campaign. And then…


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