Ukraine Accuses Russia of Destroying the Hryvnya Through Counterfeiting



Russia wants to “finish off” the hrynya and is sending equipment to print counterfeit money to the militants

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Experts are advising on how to distinguish genuine bills
from counterfeit ones.

The Kremlin is preparing a plan to “finish off” the
Ukrainian hryvnya and are sending equipment to make counterfeit money, says the
TV show Groshi [pennies].

The Rada Deputy and MVD advisor Anton Gerashchenko recently
announced that such equipment is being transferred to Eastern Ukraine.

“Russia is sending weapons, ammunition, medicine, but it’s
not giving the militants [sic] money…However, it’s come to our attention that
they are sending equipment to make counterfeit money.”

The first victim of the LPR fakes was an inhabitant of the
Kherson region, who was given counterfeits as change.

“He received these bills from an inhabitant of Zaporozhye,
who in turn got them from someone in Lugansk region,” said Andrey Plyushkin,
the director of Novokakhovka MVD department in the Kherson region.

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The police are warning that the counterfeits are mixed with
genuine bills, to make detection harder. The Kherson farmer received 50
thousand genuine and 36 thousand counterfeit hryvnya printed in LPR.

MVD says that the amount of counterfeit money is growing, as
they are arriving from occupied [sic] territories.

“The counterfeits may be printed on Russia-provided equipment
in Donetsk and Lugansk regions which are not under the control of Ukrainian law
enforcement,” Plyushkin added.

The LPR and DPR notes are easily recognizable by touch. If
one looks at them carefully, they are also missing the magnetic stripe.

Groshi journalists wanted to learn how severe the situation
is with the counterfeits. No official agency answered their request, only the
National Bank of Ukraine sent a statement concerning the past year in an effort
to calm things down.

“Overall, for every million genuine hryvnya notes there are
three counterfeits (in 2013 there were 3.5, in 2012 4.1). Therefore the
proportion of counterfeit money is stable and low.

At the same time, journalists advise Ukrainians to check
what money they are being given. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: In actuality the hryvnya is crashing due to the general lack of confidence, domestic and international, in the future of Ukraine’s economy which is being woefully mismanaged by the junta. But, whatever happens, it has to be Russia’s fault. Still, statements like this can hardly instill confidence in the country’s currency. Does the MVD really want Ukrainians to stop using their country’s own currency, for fear it might be counterfeit?

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