“Ukraine from Lvov to Kharkov”–Joe Biden sees the light



Expert: Biden did not narrow the borders of Ukraine to “Lvov and Kharkov” by accident.

By Fedor Stukin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

US Vice President Joseph Biden did not narrow the borders of
Ukraine to “from Lvov to Kharkov” by accident during his appearance at the
Munich Conference. This opinion was expressed to TASS reporters by the director
of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Policy Management Ruslan Bortnik.
Biden specifically noted that “Ukrainians are united from Lvov to Kharkov.”

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“There are no coincidences in diplomatic language. Biden’s
statement is the reflection of the discussion concerning the sovereignty of the
Donbass which is being conducted in the Western political circles: that is to
say, the Donbass will remain part of Ukraine de jure, but it may receive some
kind of an autonomous status.

They are not talking only about the formal status, argues
Bortnik. “Biden understands that there may be one, Ukrainian, set of laws, one
territory, but in the political and world-view sense the Donbass will be
separate from Ukraine for the next 5-10 years. It will form its  own point of view, its own ideology, which
will be very difficult to reconcile with the ideologies prevailing in Ukraine.”

At the same time, Bortnik is certain Biden did not intend a
full separation of the Donbass. “I exclude the possibility that Biden had in
mind a complete separation of the Donbass from Ukraine.”

At the same time, Bortnik allows for the possibility that many other
regions will want a similar expansion of their political power. “Once the
question of decentralization, regionalization, are put on the agenda, and there
is plenty of discussion concerning these issues, I am sure that there are many
elites in Ukraine which will want to take advantage of this conception of
regionalization or sovereigntization. Dnepropetrovsk is already in favor of its
sovereigntization, so is the Transcarpathia and Lvov, there are very strong and
self-sufficient regional elites which will want more power, as much as the
Donbass elites will have, and without having to fight for them,” Bortnik

J.Hawk’s Comment: So now everyone (Putin, Merkel, Hollande,
Biden—and Biden’s “evolution” is especially telling, because he was one of the “hawks”
in the Obama Administration) is arguing in favor of Novorossia, within the
borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, obtaining a measure of independence
from Kiev. Poroshenko will naturally resist it, because once the regional elites
in other parts of the country obtain a similar status, it will naturally reduce
his own power greatly. Other Kiev elites which do not have “roots” in one of
the regions would likewise have to accept their relegation to the status of a
regional elite, with Kiev now becoming one of Ukraine’s many autonomous

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