Video: Ukraine Military – Truce Holding, No Casualties Reported in Past Two Days (PressTV)



Joaquin Flores for PressTV

In this brief interview, I speak optimistically about the Ceasefire, explaining that the break-away republics of Donetsk and Lugansk need this peace to rebuild critical infrastructure, and try to bring back some semblance of normalcy back to the lives of the people.

I also express concern that Ukraine will treat this ceasefire as something else, which in violation of international law, would be simply to rearm and resupply. The definition of a ceasefire is those things which are meant to permanently end the hostilities.

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Poroshenko has already stated last week that he will use this ceasefire in order to re-arm and re-supply.  Naturally part of this is theatrics meant to shore up his dwindling base of support.  But it also reflects an expectation upon him which his US handlers have. 

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