Ukraine Sells Off British Armored Vehicles It Just Received



To presumably circumvent the ban on arms exports at a time like this, the Saxons are being rather implausibly advertised as “Sanitation and Hygiene Equipment.”


A Little Saxon Business

By Alex Leshy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The proof is for all here to see. As soon as Kiev received
the British AT105 Saxon armored personnel carriers, it promptly put them on
sale. I don’t know what business is located at the Borispol Street 9 in Kiev,
Ukraine, that’s indicated on the web site. But if it is to be believed, it
offers for sale something remarkable, namely a Saxon AT105 tactical police
vehicle. If need be, the firm is willing to repaint the vehicle according to
the wishes of the purchaser.

No, Ukraine will never be a great power. Granted, the Saxon
is a piece of junk. But at a time when a boarded-up truck is considered an
armored vehicle at the front, even these wheeled coffins might be of some use.
Of how much use, that is another question. But when you on the one hand plead
for military assistance all around the world, and on the other you put it up
for sale as soon as you receive some is, undeniably, the stuff of which empires
are made of. Yes.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Lenin famously said that the “capitalists
will sell us the rope to hang them with,” and judging by the goings-on in the
Ukraine, capitalism seems to be alive and well there! The Saxons were,
interestingly enough, purchased by the Yanukovych government from a private
British arms dealer, not the UK government. Still, they are in working order,
and they do have certain usefulness, even though their combat qualities are
negligible. But yes, this is a prime example of the epic, almost supernatural, Ukrainian corruption which
will bring the current “Ukraine project” to a very tragic end. Western governments no doubt have few illusions as to what would happen to whatever assistance, lethal or non-lethal, they sent to Kiev.

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