Ukraine wants peace while Kiev junta wants war


February 2, 2015
Russian talk show “Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyev”
Semen Uralov, Ukrainian political scientist
Translated by Kristina Rus

We have to take into account the mood in the society. We recently held a survey in Odessa, then we exchanged the information with our colleagues in Kiev and Western Ukraine.

80% in Odessa region are for ending the war by any means.

In Kiev this number is near 60%.

In Western Ukraine it is approaching 70%.

The mood in the Ukrainian society is shifting towards pacifism. But those who are in charge will continue to push for war.

Translators Note:

What better evidence that the Kiev junta does not represent the people of Ukraine? The government formed from the marginal right-wing parties via a violent coup did not become less marginal even after orchestrating a semblance of democratic elections. Clearly this is why it needs dictate and terror to stay in power. This is why it needs to manufacture an outside threat to generate support., since it has little else to offer the population, just the opposite.

The question is – how long will the people of Ukraine put up with this?

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