Ukraine’s 128th Brigade commander blamed for losing state-of-the-art US-supplied equipment



“The Commander of the 128th Brigade received the Hero of Ukraine award after losing modern US equipment and abandoning troops in the cauldron.”— Chief Editor

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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“The most scandalous is the fact that the units of the 128th
Brigade abandoned the latest US counter-mortar radar which was supplied to us
only recently. It was the first delivery of precision US weaponry to Ukraine. The
radar was well packed, and I hope that at least they had some opportunity to use it. It was a unique, expensive weapon which they abandoned. It
suggests the withdrawal was not conducted in accordance with any plans, there
was no preparation for it, and the brigade commander who exited the cauldron
before his soldiers who were coming out for the next two days, received the
Hero of Ukraine award. If this is how one encourages the proper treatment of
soldiers and toward military equipment, then what can I say?” Butusov said.  

J.Hawk’s Comment:  If Butusov wants to apportion blame, he’d do better by starting with Poroshenko, Muzhenko, and the rest of the chain of command. The commander of the 128th Brigade did the best that could have been done under the circumstances: abandoned by his own leadership and tasked with an impossible mission, he saved as many lives of his soldiers as he could, even if it meant leaving a lot of equipment behind. I doubt there are many officers and soldiers within the UAF who share Butusov’s opinion. I suspect there are many UAF officers who do not take kindly to their representatives being made the scapegoat for every military setback, while the “volunteer battalions” take the credit for every success (real or imagined).

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