Ukrainian army deploys S-300’s in Odessa suburbs (video)


February 26, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Comments  from the Forum “Yaplakal”:

Odessa resident reported seeing S-300’s in the district of Academic Grushko.

S-300 were followed by several trucks with soldiers and field kitchen


“Ukry did not shot down any planes in a while”

“No way I will fly on an airplane now!”

“This will be enough for 9 Boeings”

“The goal was the picture”

“This is for Transnistria. Several days ago there was information that Moldova and Ukraine can close the sky over Tiraspol. Along with land blockade. They can’t pull Russia into war through Donbass, so they decided to try from another side”

“They can’t reach Tiraspol. The range is 90 km”

“Odessa to Tiraspol is 81 km. Even closer from the outskirts”


Chanel “Zvezda”

“The Ukrainian army urgently surrounded Odessa with complexes S-300.

According to eyewitnesses pictures and videos were taken in the village Chernomorka, Odessa region.

The footage shows how under the conditions of secrecy the military is deploying S-300 complexes with Ukrainian flags.”

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