Ukrainian Army’s Wehrmacht-Worship



Ukrainian Army’s Wehrmacht Worship

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By J.Hawk

Concerning the photos: It’s not just the Azov battalion or other “volunteer” units of the Right Sector that show very overt neo-Nazi sympathies. Regular UAF formations have likewise been infected by the same disease. The top one sports the symbol of the Wehrmacht’s 17th Panzer Division. The word “Schuma” stenciled on the 2S1 122mm self-propelled howitzer refers to the so-called Schutzmannschaft battalions, composed of collaborators recruited by the Germans to
perform a variety of tasks. Ukrainian Schutzmannschaft battalions were
infamous for the war crimes they perpetrated on the civilian population
of the USSR, including the Khatyn Massacre which is but one of many
similar massacres, and for assisting the Einsatzkommandos in the extermination of Soviet  Jews. There are many similar examples floating around the internet, even though the Western media manages not to notice them.

The “European choice” can look like this too, and it would seem that Ukraine simply chose to embrace those parts of European history and heritage that Europe would prefer to forget. But if these people get to pass themselves off as stalwart defenders of European values against Russian aggression, the neo-Nazis in Western Europe will ask the reasonable question as to why they are being punished for sporting the very same symbols? And thus neo-Nazism could very well go mainstream in Europe, and frankly one has to wonder how many Europeans would not want to see it return? Because in many ways it does seem we are living through a repeat of the 1930s, with the Ukrainian Civil War playing the same role as the Spanish Civil War. To quote Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls, “if we win here, we will win everywhere.” For a lot is riding on the outcome of this conflict, even though most Europeans and Americans appear to be as willfully ignorant (and in some cases openly supportive of this resurgence of fascism) of what’s at stake as they were when Spain’s fate was being decided.

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