Ukrainian elites are like spiders in a can


February 10, 2015
Maxim Shevchenko
Translated by Kristina Rus

The Ukrainian elite – is just rats and spiders in a can under the name of the Ukrainian Republic, who hate each other. Who created each their own battalions of national guard for themselves. Ukrainian cities are bursting with checkpoints. Here’s my question to you: who needs checkpoints around the city of Lvov? Will Givi come with his battalion “Somali” to Lvov?

In Lvov they are afraid of the other battalions of national guard. Which obey not the local oligarchs, but others. They are afraid that they will come to Lvov, storm the local council, and will announce a new authority.

Ukraine is fighting among itself. They are all afraid of each other. People are just hostages of this sordid strife of the ruling elites. But all these ruling elites, in Dnepropetrovsk region – Kolomoisky and his people, in Kharkov – Dobkin and his people, in Kiev – Turchynov and his people, somewhere the people of Nalyvaychenko, Avakov – all armed to the teeth and don’t trust each other. Therefore they can’t win. As Christ said, “the Kingdom split within itself shall not stand”. And they will not stand.

The Ukrainian armed forces and the national guard for the most part – are not the locals [in Novorossia]. They are the occupiers on the land of Donbass. Every fighter of DPR comes from there, except for volunteers who came to help them. But 90% of the militias are locals. The armed forces of Ukraine mainly are residents of other areas: Kirovograd, Kharkov, Poltava. For them Donbass – is a foreign land. A foreign Uglegorsk, foreign homes, foreign people.

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