Ukrainian General Staff Confirms Debaltsevo Force Collapse



Ukrainian General Staff Confirms Losing  Control Over Debaltsevo Forces

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Earlier today the Russian Spring reported that, according to
the information from the relatives of UAF troops located in the vicinity of
Debaltsevo, the chain of command has completely broken down and the troops were
issued orders to break out of the cauldron on their own. However, several
Ukrainian media immediately denied the reports, claiming it was

However, only an hour ago the acting spokesperson for the
Ukrainian General Staff Vladislav Seleznev confirmed this information during a
live interview on the TV channel 112, saying that DPR units were assaulting the
UAF base-camp at Debaltsevo, and that the headquarters for all UAF forces there
has been destroyed.

Oddly enough, Seleznev would not confirm that the Ukrainian
forces are in a cauldron. But he did not deny it either.

J.Hawk’s Comment: 

So it’s coming to an end. It’s only a
matter of how many troops make it out alive. But the loss of equipment,
combined with earlier losses here and everywhere, put into question the UAF’s
ability to conduct large-scale operations for a long time to come. The days of “Victory”
have come to an end. The days of “Treason” are only beginning… Poroshenko and others were able to avoid reckoning for the earlier Ilovaysk debacle apparently only by promising a rematch. They seem to have lost that one too, and Round 3 does not seem in the cards. But Round 2 is the only thing that kept all the different factions of the very fragile “pro-European” junta together.

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